EQUALS in Tech Awards 2021 - Nominations now open!
EQUALS Global Partnership
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Closing Date : July 31 2021, Saturday


The EQUALS Global Partnership is delighted to announce the call for nominations for the 2021 EQUALS in Tech Awards! The awards are given every year to organizations and initiatives -- both large and small -- working to help girls and women gain equal internet access, digital skills, and opportunities in the tech industry.


Individuals and organizations around the world can nominate their own initiatives or those of others for an award in any of five categories:

  • Access
  • Skills
  • Leadership in Tech
  • Leadership in SME
  • Research

They are looking for innovative initiatives and projects promoting gender equality online and in the tech sector. Eligible initiatives and projects should:

  • Reach girls and women in an impactful way;
  • Have the potential to scale or be replicated once reconfigured/adapted to other contexts;
  • Be innovative
  • Work in collaboration with partners


Winners will receive a trip to a significant tech event hosting the awards (past examples include the Internet Governance Forum and the EQUALS Partnership Plenary Meeting), with an opportunity to network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, activists, teachers, and leaders from intergovernmental agencies and the private sector. And winners are invited to join an Advisory Panel that chooses future award winners.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The call for nominations is open to all individuals and organizations, regardless of their languages and nationalities, who wish to submit projects aimed at advancing gender equality using ICTs.

For more information, visit EQUALS in Tech Awards 2021.