Water Stewardship Challenge
100+ Accelerator
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Closing Date : May 31 2021, Monday


Help us create and implement sustainable and energy-efficient practices to build a more water secure world.

The UN describes water scarcity as one of the “main problems to be faced by many societies and the world in the 21st century.” Advancing global water pressure and insecurity is the result of climate change, population growth and increasing levels of industrial growth and farming. In addition, water insecurity is aggravated by unsustainable water management practices, waste and pollution. There is an opportunity for companies to play a big part and to help create and implement solutions that use as little water as possible across their operations and help improve water quality and availability for businesses and communities. 

Water Monitoring and Analysis

? Measuring and monitoring water quality or availability in watersheds or water sources (including groundwater) to report progress in projects and understand project impact.
? Techniques to assess water risk and predictive analytics for specific geographical locations.
? Reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use technologies for measuring water at all points of consumption in our production facilities (ideally with data transfer capabilities).
? Data collection of water consumption across supply and value chains.
? Data collection and measurement of water action programs to determine efficacy for wells and aquifers.
? Real-time monitoring of static and dynamic levels of water wells with automated reporting of changes.

Award Information
Funding pilots up to $100,000 USD.
Eligibility Criteria
The 100+ Accelerator challenges were developed with input from subject matter experts and partner companies to ensure both global and local issues are addressed.
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