Axis Bank Foundation

As a responsible corporate citizen, they remain committed to economic development and growth aligning ourselves to the national priorities. Considering that they are a part of the financial system their role as a catalyst is well defined and they remain prepared for this.

In couple of years they will complete 75 years as an independent nation and they have made significant progress on many counts. However, a large section of their population still remains socially and economically excluded from the mainstream development. This needs a different approach. Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) was established in 2006 with this in mind.


Axis Bank Foundation's vision is to reach out to the most-in-need communities in some of the poorest regions of the country.

BF places significantly high focus on women and their role in its livelihood strategy, as a way to address gender balance and empowerment.

The programs encourages creation and support of women Self Help Groups (SHGs), improving their capability in financial management, asset creation, healthcare awareness, micro enterprise management and awareness on government schemes. Women are also supported with opening of bank accounts in their name, linked with markets or supply chains to help them in their enterprises. While ABF through its interventions provides considerable economic prosperity to the targeted households, it also works towards setting measures to increase the welfare quotient (quality of life) of the households for it to be commensurate with the economic prosperity achieved.


  • Watershed Management and Agricultural Productivity
  • Livestock Enhancement
  • Vocational Training
  • Livelihood for the Persons with Disabilities                                                                             
Focus Area

food Agriculture and nutrition,Livelihood,Vocational training



Phone: 022- 24252258


Axis Bank Foundation, 2nd Floor, Axis House, C-2, Wadia International Centre,