Edenred's mission has been to make the world of work a better world for all.

This commitment has allowed the Group to identify the central elements of its corporate social responsibility policy: to improve the lives of individuals, to preserve the planet, and create value responsibly.

  • People: Edenred aims to be an employer of choice in terms of professional development, human rights and diversity, to promote well being through healthy and sustainable eating and to contribute to local development
  • Planet: Edenred seeks to preserve the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption of resources and its waste, by designing eco-services for mobility and against food waste while managing the impact of its solutions
  • Progress: Edenred is committed to developing its activities and partnerships in an ethical manner across its entire value chain. The Group guarantees IT security and data protection while meeting the expectations of its clients and users and involving them in its shift-to-digital

This policy is rolled out at an international level, notably with events such as Idealday or the Edenraid sports challenge. The Group's corporate social responsibility policy was built through a global materiality study involving both internal and external interviews. This study made it possible to identify and prioritize Edenred's issues according to their relevance and their impact on the company's performance. Seven major issues were identified:

  • IT security and data privacy
  • business ethics
  • energy and climate change
  • responsible payment digitalization
  • client satisfaction
Focus Area

Community Development,Health & family Welfare,Health Care,Health Care and Health tech,Innovation and technologies,Sustainable Development Goals






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