JK Tyre

JK Organization & JK Tyre believes strongly that serving local communities is not only integral to running a business successfully; it is part of their individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. Their CSR programs extend well beyond the legal compliance and instead of relying on cheque book charity, they prefer adopting methodical approach to provide sustainable livelihood solutions to local communities.

JK Tyre’s community development initiatives may largely be categorized in to education, health, livelihoods & water conservation, wherein we emphasize over EMPOWERMENT of communities and mainstreaming them in process of development.

CSR Initiatives

  • Livelihood
  • Agricultural Improvement
  • Cattle Breeding
  • Skill Development
  • Education
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • ITI Adoption
  • Support To Schools
  • Health
  • Parivartan
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Health Camps
  • Water
  • Water Conservation
  • Plantation
  • Road Safety & Others
  • Road Safety
  • Infrastructural Support
  • Disaster Mitigation
Focus Area

Drinking water,Education,Education & Literacy,Education and Education Technology,food Agriculture and nutrition,Health & family Welfare,Health Care,Health Care and Health tech,HIVS/ADS,Livelihood,Others,water,water Resources






Jaykaygram, PO-Tyre Factory Kankroli – 313 342 Rajasthan