Novartisis committed to creating a culture of integrity and they believe that, as a global leader in healthcare, Novartis have a responsibility to serve as a role model in how they conduct their business. Novartis focus their corporate responsibility work on two areas that underscore mission, expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly. Novartis care for their associates, contribute to local communities, and strive to operate with high integrity and transparency.

Access to Healthcare

Taking Healthcare to the Villages

Realizing the gap between healthcare accessibility and awareness, Novartis India Limited started ArogyaParivar, a social business initiative that brings affordable medicines and health education to rural pockets.

The initiative was launched in 1996 as a pilot program in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and western Maharashtra. After a successful pilot phase, ArogyaParivar broadened its reach. This initiative is building a sustainable, profitable business that improves access to healthcare among the undeserved millions. The Company achieved this by creating awareness, enhancing local availability of drugs and designing affordable healthcare solutions

ArogyaParivar is based on six “A’s” - Awareness, Adaptability, Availability, Affordability, Adherence and Alliances. These principles work in an integrated way to ensure long-term impact in rural areas.

In India, Novartis have been actively supporting various initiatives in the areas of health, education and environment over the years. The primary focus is on health where they strive to reach underserved patients followed by education. In the area of health, Novartis work where they have the ability to make a difference. Leprosy, where India has close to 60% of the world’s leprosy case load, tuberculosis, oncology and other non-communicable diseases receive their attention through partnerships with other like-minded agencies including hospitals, civil society, advocacy groups and academia.

Focus Area

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