Rural Development Foundation

The Rural Development Foundation (RDF), a non-profit organization, began as a family initiative. As far back as 1991, members of the Errabelli family discussed the idea of giving something back to their village of Kalleda. They felt a need to repay their debt to the land that had provided their family with wealth over several generations.

Members of the Errabelli family recognized that their successes in life were largely due to their access to quality education. Thus in 1996, they established the first RDF school in the estate building that had housed the family. At its inception, RDF was an organization involved in not only educating the children of the village, but also improving overall development of the people and welfare of the village with special reference to public amenities, healthcare and other facilities.

RDF’s Memorandum of Association was modified in 2010 to focus on educational activities, to provide quality education and to develop socially conscious leaders. As an organization, it has also expanded to other areas of Telangana. There are now four RDF schools and one junior college spread across two districts.

Vision: To promote education as a vehicle for rural development

Mission: To make a lifelong difference to the lives of rural underprivileged girls and boys through holistic education

Goal: To Educate, Engage and Empower rural girls and boys

RDF schools strive to create India’s future leaders, people who not only respect their rich, cultural heritage but are also ready to lead their country into the future.  Our constant endeavor includes our sincere attempt to inculcate into young minds a civic sense and social responsibility.

As an educational organization, RDF encourages students to think beyond textbooks. Teachers promote social awareness by providing a forum for open discussion and debate on current issues like dowry, pollution, gender discrimination and other social issues. RDF alumni frequent their alma mater and teach the present generation of students, this is a way of giving back to their school. Additionally, teachers emphasize the importance of preserving and respecting one’s roots and environment through activities like traditional dance, folklore, handicrafts, organic gardening and cleaning. This has encouraged students to be proud of who they are. They believe in the dignity of labour and are happy with their identity.

We, at RDF, hope our students and alumni will be in touch and continue to be proud of their roots.

As part of our larger vision to extend education to a larger community, we have tied up with Tech Mahindra Foundation in 2013 and adopted two government schools in Bahdoorpally. RDF staff train and guide teachers to embody our values of play-learning, the importance of creativity and sports. Both schools have been awarded as the best schools in the district in 2016.

RDF students have benefitted from our commitment to give access to sports an integral part of our curriculum. Many children have realized their inner potential through the opportunities and training provided and have participated in international and national competitions. Pranitha, an RDF alumnus represented India in archery at the Olympics in Beijing 2012. Lavanya and Sharadha also represented our country in the World Police Meet in USA and bagged two gold medals and one silver.

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