Suzlon Energy Limited

Suzlon Energy Limited believes that Sustainability can be ensured only if all resources – financial, natural, social, human and physical are continually and responsibly enhanced for the benefit of business. The CSR team is responsible to offset the impact of business in the immediate neighbourhood. Suzlon believes that business and its environment are inter- dependent, and that focus should be on strengthening the organic link between them. Thus, the CSR Mission has been derived by the holistic understanding of the business and the social arena into four main goals of:

  • Having minimal impact on the natural environment
  • Enabling local communities to develop their potential
  • Empowering employees to be responsible civil society member
  • Committing ourselves to ethical business practices that are fair to all the stakeholders

Suzlon’s CSR model ‘SUZTAIN’ is an unique approach which has matured from an existing provider-beneficiary approach to a partnership approach – wherein local communities, development functionaries, employees, company CSR teams, government departments and NGOs work together in planning, implementing, monitoring and sustaining village level sustainable development interventions. The approach is implemented through ‘Engage- Empower-Sustain’ principles of Suzlon CSR and is aligned with the UN Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Suzlon Foundation

Suzlon Group launched the Suzlon Foundation to lead the organizations’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Through Suzlon Foundation the organisation is driving a positive impact on society and is committed to the cause of Sustainable Development for all.

Focus Area

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