Applications Invited for World Literacy Awards 2021
World Literacy Foundation (WLF)
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Closing Date : July 28 2021, Wednesday


About the Organization:

World Literacy Foundation strive to ensure that every young individual regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to reach their full potential, succeed at school and beyond. They provide free access to quality education materials and innovative solutions that target wide-scale illiteracy. They envision a world in which every one of us can read and write, in which there is free access to education for all.

World Literacy Awards 2021

The World Literacy Awards recognizes individuals or organizations annually for their outstanding endeavors that promote literacy learning. We encourage all champions in the field of literacy to enter the prestigious World Literacy Awards in 2021. The Judging Panel of 10 eminent leaders from across the global includes literacy leaders, Nobel Literature Prize recipients and award winning authors.

The Awards are an initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, a peak global literacy charity and the World Literacy Council.


You are now invited to nominate literacy projects, organizations, public figures or role models as worthy recipients from around the world.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy by an Organization: Awarded to an organization that continues to operate and provide a cutting-edge difference in literacy.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy by a Celebrity: Awarded to a recognized celebrity for their efforts made in improving management and challenges in their own country and globally.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy by an Individual:  Awarded to an individual for their outstanding efforts to improve literacy.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy by a Nation: Awarded to a nation for its outstanding Government policies and improvements in literacy and education.

  • Academic Award: Presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution not only in literature but in their intellectual work on writing and research.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy by a Youth: *New- Recognizes the efforts and actions of a young person to reduce illiteracy.

  • Significant Contribution to Literacy in response to the pandemic: *New– Excellence Award to an organization or community group with a significant and rapid response to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in education.

Who can apply and who can nominate?

  • Groups, non-governmental organizations and individuals who promote literacy through projects and programmes are welcome to apply directly or can be nominated by a supporter.

  • Applications are accepted through our application form via the relevant categories listed above.

For assistance with an application or for more information please contact:

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