Registrations invited for 1st International Conference on "Innovations by NGOs in Diabetes Care
Swasthya Diabetes Care, All India Institute of Diabetes and Research (AIIDR) & Manage Health Foundation (MHF)
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Closing Date : August 12 2021, Thursday


Swasthya Diabetes Care, All India Institute of Diabetes and Research (AIIDR) & Manage Health Foundation (MHF) invites you to participate in the 1st International Conference on "Innovations by NGOs in Diabetes Care" being organized from 12th to 14th August 2021 on the virtual platform.

The theme of the Conference is “Know the NGO's working in Diabetes Care ''. 

"Innovations by NGOs in Diabetes Care" conference has been conceptualized to identify & address the multi-dimensional challenges in Diabetes care with better preparedness. The program of the conference is being prepared with an objective of mutual learning from the rich experience from participating stakeholders – Medical Professionals, Governmental organizations, NGO leadership, Volunteers, Leading National & International Experts, Social & Scientific Researchers, CSR Leadership, Financial institutions and Pharma professionals.

Who should participate?

NGO's & Volunteers working in Diabetes Care for public Awareness, Early Diagnosis of NCD, patient support groups, Healthcare providers, palliative care experts, Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, Dietician, Diabetic Surgeon, Podologist, Ophthalmologist, Retina Specialist, Nephrologist, Experts working for capacity building in the area of Diabetes care.

Why should you Participate?

The objective of the conference is to bring all stakeholders on a common platform. We hope that this will bring us together in the Fight Against Diabetes & its complications by Collaborative Advocacy at the National as well Global level. This can open doors of collaborations to work together for Diabetes Prevention, Screening for Early Diagnosis, Improving Access to Care at the District Level & deeper, Complete treatment without breaks or delays.

Program Highlights

  • Needs & Unmet Needs in Diabetes Care: Expectations of Di?erent Stake Holders from NGO Groups

  • How to Handle Disease Progression & Its Complications?

  • Marital Issues in Patients with Juvenile Diabetes

  • How Local Innovations Can Impact on Outcomes in Resource-limited Emerging Regions?

  • Reaching the Last Miles with Diabetes Awareness -Feasibilities and Learnings

  • How to uplift the NGO to the International Standard

  • Living with Diabetes: Psycho-Social Issues: Challenges and How to Handle? 

Conference Highlights

  • Awards for the Unique Ideas, Innovative & Impactful work

  • Philanthropy

  • Collaborations

  • Students corner for Ideas

  • IT related categories

We will be grateful to the leadership of Professional Bodies of Healthcare Providers, Government bodies & Non-Governmental organizations working for Diabetes Care to come together to this conference for discussions of the challenges and finding out possible solutions.

REGISTRATION, INNOVATION and PARTICIPATION for the Conference is entirely Free of Cost.

Certificate of Participation will be issued to delegates who have attended the Conference.


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