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Andragogy Specialist, Udhyam Vyapaar
Bengaluru Karnataka
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Full Time

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Jun 22 2021


About Udhyam:

At Udhyam Learning Foundation (Udhyam), our vision is to “Co-create a caring world, where people fearlessly pursue their potential''. We believe that every person has immense potential and Entrepreneurship is a powerful way to channelise this potential. Entrepreneurship enables agency and allows an individual to work to his/her strengths while creating value for the world. Udhyam is working to unleash this potential via Entrepreneurship.

About Udhyam Vyapaar:

The nano business segment in India is a hugely underserved segment. While initiatives abound for the MSME segment at large, this subset is often left unattended. This segment includes entrepreneurs involved in the informal sector, such as ironing carts & kiosks, small kirana shops, vegetable/fruit/flower vendors, small food and beverage stalls, fledgling homepreneurs, artisans, tailors, etc. While this segment of entrepreneurs plays a vital role by providing many essential services to society, they are often ignored. At Udhyam Vyapaar, we’re looking to solve large problems faced by this nano-entrepreneur base. To that end, our approach involves going deep and identifying problems that we can effectively solve at scale, thereby creating a positive impact for a large segment of these entrepreneurs. Watch this video to learn more about what we do

Integrated Learning System:

One such problem that we identified is the lack of guidance and mentoring that vyapaaris in the informal segment face. Sustainable livelihoods, success and scaling of small businesses requires hand-holding, mentoring and guidance on business fundamentals, finance and technology. This is a major challenge. What is required is a holistic approach towards developing entrepreneurial mindsets in vyapaaris, and enabling them to add to and increase their business capabilities and providing active support to the vyapaaris to become better, more successful entrepreneurs.

With the aim of covering this gap, we started the Entrepreneur Transformation program that enables vyapaaris to learn business skills and capabilities through experiential learning, apply these in their businesses to scale and succeed as a result of it.

The most unique part of the training is the entrepreneurial mindsets component which other entrepreneurship development programs seldom cover.

A few successful pilots with vyapaaris in Bangalore, Haryana and Rajasthan have shown significant income uplift and mindset changes, on attending this program. 

Armed with these results, we are now looking to better the design and scale this program across the country, in order that more and more vyapaaris might reap the benefits of this change

The Role & Responsibilities:

We’re looking for someone to be part of a core 4 member team working to better design and scale this program across the country. This requires us to look at the challenge from different perspectives –

  • Curriculum Design

  • Scalable solutions for vyapaari learning

  • Program Implementation at Scale

  • Versatile partnerships

The key capabilities we seek are…

  • Understanding of andragogy and solutions focussed around adult learning and development

  • Customer Centric approach

  • Problem Solving ability

If you have prior experience of having taken a social program to scale, that would be a plus. You would be a good fit if you…

  • Have worked at a social change organisation, and have experience having taken a program from pilot to scale

  • Have an adult training or learning development experience

  • Are comfortable working in an ambiguous environment

  • Are good at problem-solving, planning and execution

  • Are good with analysing learner outcomes, finding insights, and iterating based on the learnings

  • Are resourceful Location : Bengaluru Work experience: 3+ years


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