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Applications invited for Grants under Contract / Annual Program Statement Forest-PLUS 2.0
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
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Full Time

Closing Date

Mar 29 2022


Applications invited for Grants under Contract / Annual Program Statement Forest-PLUS 2.0

Opportunity Number: APS-001 Issuance Date: 29 September2021 


Questions: Responses to question received will be posted by the 1st of each month 


Closing Date: 29 March 2022


Review Dates:

Round 1: 30 November 2021

Round 2: 31 December 2021 

Round 3: 31 January 2022

Round 4: 28 February 2022

Round 5: 31 March 2022


Dear Applicants,


Tetra Tech ARD, the implementing partner for USAID’s Forest – PLUS 2.0 pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and in accordance with USAID Contract No. 72038619C00001, is authorized to provide Grants under Contract (GUC) to meet its program objectives. Forest-PLUS 2.0 is seeking concept papers from qualified organizations to implement programs within the framework of Forest-PLUS 2.0’s objectives. 


This Annual Program Statement (APS) is a two-tier process in which Forest-PLUS 2.0 will review concept papers on a rolling basis. Concept papers will be reviewed by Forest-PLUS 2.0 and if the application is deemed to be responsive to the solicitation and demonstrates a link to Forest-PLUS 2.0 objectives, the applicant will be asked to submit a full application. Submission of a full application constitutes the second tier. The final selection for award will be made on the basis of the second tier-applications, which will pass through a second review process by the Review and Evaluation Committee (REC). 


Forest-PLUS 2.0 and USAID reserve the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted. Additionally, any award pursuant to this funding opportunity is contingent upon the availability of funds. For the purposes of this program, this APS is being issued and consists of this cover letter and the following sections. Please read the APS in its entirety before submitting your concept paper to ensure your organization is eligible and your submission complies with all requirements. 


Section 1: Program Description

Section 2: Award Information

Section 3: Eligibility Information

Section 4: Submission Information

Section 5: Review Information

Section 6: Application Process and Administration Information

Attachments: Attachment A: Concept Paper Format


Thank you for your interest. 



Dr. Ujjwal Prasad Pradhan

Chief of Party, Forest-PLUS 2.0





Forest-PLUS 2.0: forest for water and prosperity, is a five-year program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India, and was contracted on December 04, 2018.


The purpose of the contract is to provide technical assistance that supports the Government of India and other stakeholders to manage forests as important components of a broad-based, inclusive and sustainable economic growth that meet local needs and addresses global environmental challenges. The overall goal of the project is to improve management of targeted landscapes in three states, Kerala, Telangana and Bihar, for enhanced ecosystem services and increased inclusive economic opportunities. 


One of the three overarching objectives of Forest-PLUS 2.0 is to increase economic opportunities from improved landscape management. This objective is composed of three interrelated activities, which are to:


Identify and analyze prospective economic opportunities among forest-based value chains; 

Provide technical assistance to strengthening those value chains toward profitable and inclusive business models that are appropriate to their context and that incentivize reinvestment in long-term landscape integrity and ecosystem functionality; 


Provide technical assistance toward methods for attracting investment in expanding or replicating those business models that are likely to be ecologically, economically, and socially viable at scales sufficient to lead to reduced or reversed landscape degradation.


2. Purpose and Objectives


In order to promote beyond subsistence forest-based value chain enterprises, Forest-PLUS 2.0 invites concept papers from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); Community-based Organizations (CBOs); National, regional and local organizations; Non-US NGOs; Private foundations and universities; Private enterprises or firms; and Business Associations, who are eligible for receiving foreign contribution (generating profit is not allowed under Forest-PLUS 2.0 grants).


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