Boys Home Superintendent
Barrackpore Kolkata West Bengal
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Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 16 2021



Udayan - http://www.udayan-kolkata.in Barrackpore Kolkata – West


UDAYAN is a home and school on the outskirts of Kolkata, for children whose families are affected by Leprosy.  These children suffer from the stigma of the disease - they are rarely sent to school and often end up as beggars, street children, child workers or involved in crime.  Girl children become victims of human trafficking.


?Set on 8acres of lush, green land, this residential home and school helps transform the lives of up to 300 of these children - who receive the highest quality of care, compassion and education, enabling them to lead healthy, respected, productive lives. We take these children from childhood to livelihood – ensuring they are settled in dignified jobs to help them and their families ‘rise above leprosy.’


Udayan is fortunate to have Australian Cricket Legend, Steve Waugh, and renowned French Author, Dominique Lapierre as Patrons and has received extensive acclaim and support internationally for its work.


The Boys Home Superintendent will be responsible for overseeing and managing the 'home, health and wellness' program for Boys at Udayan. You will be responsible for managing and supporting Udayan House Brothers in their responsibilities of taking care of Children, and coordinating activities and initiatives to ensure the optimal care and support to Udayan Boys.


LOCATION: Barrackpore, Kolkata - West Bengal


SALARY: Salary will be according to the skills/experience of candidate.    


REPORTING: To the Director (weekly/monthly).


ALL APPLICATIONS TO BE SENT TO: asstdirectorudayan@gmail.com

Job Responsibilities


Management of Boys Cottage.

  • Responsible for ensuring discipline of children at Udayan and that all children follow the rules, regulations and norms of the cottages. You will also ensure the prompt, firm and considerate handling of all disciplinary matters - documenting any major incidents i.e. violence, outbursts and  disrespect

  • Responsible to coordinate new intake of children every year and to provide support services to Brothers for the arrival and orientation of new children.

  • Responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of all the cottages – liaising with maintenance team to ensure cottages are well-maintained, safe and in good order, and ensuring children and staff keep cottages in the highest standard of cleanliness.

  • Responsible for ensuring the daily routine at Udayan is followed by all children (meals, education, extra-curricular activities, health & hygiene, recreation, free-time and special programmes).

Development of Children

  • Responsible to provide an environment in which children feel that they are nurtured and cared for, overseeing security and ensuring adherence to Child Protection Policy of Udayan.

  • Responsible for the follow up the Child Development Plan for each child -ensuring regular progress and status of each child, in collaboration with House Brothers.

  • Responsible for coordinating and supervising extra-curricular and personality development activities including music, dance, yoga, karate, drawing, stitching and singing; and organizing other expert resources as and when needed for overall fulfillment of child development plan.

  • The Superintendent is responsible to keep records and files on all children at Udayan, in accordance with organization norms. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring documented identity of child via NOC, Pan Card, Aadhar Card etc

  • Responsible for creating a study schedule and environment to support the enhanced education of children, and supervising self-study hours with support of staff.

  • Responsible for ensuring ongoing relationships with biological roots, to the extent that it is in best interest of the child.

Health, Hygiene & Wellness of Children

  • Responsible for ensuring the hygiene standards of all children, including coordinating regular health and hygiene education sessions harnessing external resources.

  • Responsible for ensuring individual general counseling to children and purposeful interactions on a regular basis.

  • Responsible to conduct regular height and weight checks of children, and ensure regular health checkups each month for children, in collaboration with visiting doctors and paramedical staff.

  • Responsible to ensure preventive actions in consultation with director, to prevent illnesses and their spread especially during severe weather conditions in summer (heat - stroke), winter, rains (Jaundice, Dengue and Malaria).

  • Responsible to ensure segregation of children who have communicable diseases.

Other Responsibilities

  • Responsible for providing support in the collation of Case Studies of Children.

  • Responsible for purchasing and the Superintendent will hold a position on the purchasing committee on a rotation basis.

  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Director.



Competencies required while hiring

Business competencies



  • Post Graduate Degree (Masters in Social Work, Sociology or relevant)

  • Minimum of 4-8 years experience in program management - preferably dealing with children.

  • High level of documentation skills - managing individual child files, reports, and fluency in the use of computers.

  • Strong coordination skills to facilitate various programs activities and initiatives to support the Boys at Udayan.

  • Experience managing a team.

  • Fluent in both written and spoken Bengali and English.


  • Experience in working with children.


Behavioral Competencies


  • Shows Initiative and is proactive

  • Attention to detail

  • Time Management and resource allocation

  • Ability to manage a team

  • Co-ordination skills

  • Good Verbal and inter-personal Communication Skills

  • Quality Consciousness

  • Strong compassion and care for underprivileged children.




Job Email id: asstdirectorudayan(at)gmail.com