Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations FIAPO
Chief Executive Officer
Auditing, Taxation, Financial accounting/Operations, Payroll officer
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Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Aug 12 2021


Job description with Role and responsibilities for the Chief Executive Officer, FIAPO


The Chief Executive Officer will report to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees who is the head of the Board of Trustees (BoT). The person’s roles and responsibilities comprise the following key areas:


Upholding the Vision and Mission of the Organisation: Steer the organisation’s strategic direction in line with the vision and mission agreed upon with the Board of Trustees. Ensure mission alignment in all of FIAPO’s activities and ongoing strengthening of the movement to protect animals in India.


Programme and Strategies: Ensure programme excellence through high quality planning, development and implementation of FIAPO’s campaigns. Lead the development of objectives, strategies and programme activities to achieve well integrated and effective campaigns. Keep herself/himself informed about the trends in animal protection and other related fields.


External Communication and Public Relations: Deepen and refine all aspects of communication to raise the profile of FIAPO. Represent FIAPO in relevant networks, events, media and serve as the primary public face, cultivating key relationships in India and overseas.


Leadership and Mentoring of team : One of the most important functions of the Chief Executive Officer is to build a committed team of professionals who will work to achieve the goals of the organisation. The ED will need to search for, hire and retain competent and qualified staff,  to build a strong and motivated team. The Chief Executive Officer will be sensitive to people’s talents, time, interests, and cultivate leadership at all levels by regularly acknowledging their efforts and by judiciously channelling their skills.


Organisational Development: The Chief Executive Officer of the FIAPO will be responsible for introducing and overseeing OD processes for the development of staff members. Having a sound understanding of the processes and the importance of OD is essential and key to this position. S/He will also be responsible for conducting reviews and staff appraisals as per the guidelines developed from time to time.


Executive Staff Management: The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible to put up a workable and democratic organizational structure in place and delegate responsibilities of further management beyond a level decided in accordance with the number of staff.


S/he will be responsible for managing, motivating, and facilitating the work of the team members. S/he should inspire and encourage team members to be effective and innovative in all aspects of their work and develop a high-performance culture.


 S/He will be responsible for establishing clear cut reporting lines and create tiers wherever and whenever necessary for the effective and prompt functioning of the Federation. Staff management either directly or through delegation will also include:

  • Attendance or its equivalent

  • Holiday pay

  • Staff discipline (handling excessive absenteeism or other issues)

  • Record-keeping of CVs, certificates, other relevant documentation

  • Develop systems through which staff can/must regularly be informed about the activities of their colleagues.

  • Develop and implement a staff appraisal mechanism.

Partnerships and Networking: The Chief Executive Officer will play a lead role in identifying potential partners and foster long term relationships for the fulfilment of stated objectives of FIAPO. Networking with like-minded individuals, institutions, organisations (Environment, Health, Livelihoods, Social Change) and other stakeholders in the animal rights/welfare movement will be another area of significance to nurture.


Financial Sustainability and Resource Mobilisation: One of the primary tasks of the ED is to ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the organisation. The Chief Executive Officer should have the ability and the expertise to craft a well thought through resource mobilisation strategy. S/he should steward FIAPO’s fundraising efforts, cultivate key donor relationships, and guide the fundraising team to raise adequate resources.

 S/he will be required to develop a long-term plan to sustain the funding required for FIAPO and its varied activities.


Operational Planning and Budgeting: The Chief Executive Officer with her/his team will prepare a proposed annual plan of operations and budget in conjunction with the set objectives. These objectives will be determined during the yearly Planning exercise with the staff of the FIAPO and in conjunction with the approval of Board of Trustees. S/he will also be responsible for producing a quarterly financial report for the BoT as a part of the Programme review. S/he will be responsible for prudent fiscal management to operate within approved budgets


Audit: The Chief Executive Officer will search for an appropriate CA, take approval from the BoT and assist him or her in the preparation of annual external audits.


Legal Compliances (FCRA and others) The Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with the BoT, will work with appropriate legal/audit experts in managing all issues regarding statutory compliances.


Support to the BoT


1)             BoT Meetings – assist in holding board meetings and ensuring adequate quorum at these meetings; as well as attend these meetings, where required

2)             Provide Programme and Financial reports:

  • Quarterly programme and financial reports

  • Annual Statutory Audit to the Trustees

  • Other reports requested for by the BOT.

3)             Attend any "Committee" meetings that may be held for sub-committees that may be formed.

4)             Ensure that FIAPO Executive Staff are available to attend BOT meetings where required.

5)             Assure all elections/appointments are properly carried out.

6)             Develop the knowledge and commitment of Trustees, by keeping them in the information loop, actively seeking advice and suggestions, utilising their potential in forging partnerships and generating resources and consulting them on issues of larger importance.   

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