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Clinic Coordinator
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Full Time

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Jun 14 2021


Clinic Coordinator



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Job Opening ID: yrgcareT285


Work Experience: 4-5 years


Industry: NGO/Social Services


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City: Pune City


State/Province: Maharashtra


Zip/Postal Code: 411001


Salary: Commensurate with skills and experience


Job Description

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Clinic Coordinator




One-year fixed-term contract

Job Summary:


The Clinic Coordinator will be overall responsible for the day to day function of the trans health clinic working in close coordination with the Technical Expert – Trans Health Services and State Manager. The Clinic Coordinator will be the clinic in-charge and functional team leader of the service delivery at the clinic, and responsible to plan and execute the services and maintain client data/records as outlined in the Clinic SOP and adhere to administration and finance procedures as laid down. The Clinic Coordinator will be the point person of the clinic for ACCELERATE and report to the State Manager.


Specific responsibilities:

  • Supervises the functions of the clinic on a day- to- day basis and provide leadership to staff to work as a cohesive team and deliver the services effectively.

  • Provide inputs in developing and finalisation of clinic SOP and data collection tools

  • Develop quarterly service delivery plan in consultation with the team and get inputs from reporting units of the project for final approval and execution

  • Design innovative tools and techniques to ensure client retention in the cascade using conventional as well as innovative modalities such as social media tools and other technologies

  • Coordinate with Yes4MeTeam to design local specific online social media campaigns to promote clinic services and increase the demand.

  • Creating traditional and digital-based BCC tools on various health issues affecting TG-H people and ensuring effective outreach planning

  • Develop and maintain referral systems to deliver HIV/STI and gender affirmation services in Govt and Pvt health setups

  • Establish professional networks to refer clients for medical, psychological, legal services and other social protection needs

  • Lead in formation of Clinic Advisory Board and coordinating for quarterly Clinic Advisory Board meetings, and ensuring meeting records and relevant updates from the clinic are shared

  • Engages the State Transgender Welfare Board in the clinic activities and other advocacy related events and programs

  • Maintains knowledge update on latest additions/changes in gender affirmation guidelines globally and at national level

  • Organise small and large community meetings based on the needs and local festivals to engage the community, clinic brand retention and demand

  • Coordinate meetings/visits of NACO, SACS and other technical/development partners in coordination with reporting officials

  • Document staff training needs and coordinates with the larger team to organise specific online or physical training programs and reference materials

  • Organise specialised online or physical training/education programs for TG-H people improving their overall lifestyle and wellbeing

  • Ensure client confidentiality, data security and protection as mentioned in the SOP and imbibe same within the team

  • Work closely with the team and M&E Officer to collate and analyse data trends to revamp outreach and clinical strategies; and support the team in data quality audits and accreditation activities

  • Ensure collection of client feedback and utilisation of data in improving the services

  • Ensure monthly programmatic and financial reports are shared with reporting officials well in advance for inputs and finalisation

  • Execute supervisory function and ensure updating and maintenance of all HR and financial records, bills and vouchers in hard copies and computerised as per the guidelines

  • Ensuring supply chain of office supplies, condom & lubes, clinic supplies and medicines in consultation with Medical Officer, Logistics Assistant and M&E Officer

  • Any other work assigned by supervisor within ambit of the project ACCELERATE.

Qualification and Skills;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or any other field with relevant 3-5 years of experience

  • Knowledge on Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 7th version

  • Knowledge and skills related to MS Office and savvy to technology and social media handles

  • Trans identified person preferred for this position with knowledge of English, Marathi and Hindi language

  • Maintains professionalism and able to manage a team and demonstrate leadership in teamwork, conflict resolution and achieving desired results

  • Capable of looking at problems and opportunities from technical and community perspective and taking balanced decisions

Note: This position is only open for people belonging to LGBT community, however preference will be given to Trans people based on the qualification, experience and performance during interview rounds.

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