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Consultant - for “Organisation Design, Financial Model and Implementation Plan for PIAA Agency
Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
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Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Nov 26 2021


Requirement of a consultant for “Organisation design, financial model and implementation plan for PIAA agency”


In September 2020, the Government of India launched Mission Karmayogi, the largest capacity building initiative for civil servants. Mission Karmayogi is spearheaded by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) who are supported by Jameel Poverty Action Lab, South Asia (J-PAL, SA at IFMR) through its CLOP initiative.


The CLOP Initiative is dedicated to support DoPT and other Government training institutions in their efforts to assemble a global coalition of knowledge partners and universities. By working in close partnership with DoPT, the CLOP initiative is creating an online platform (iGoT Karmayogi) that will provide lifelong learning opportunities to public officials in India to build their skills and knowledge across a wide range of domains. The CLOP team, through this Request for Proposal (RFP) is looking to partner with an individual to deliver on the following tasks:

  • A report on the organisation design of the agency (known as PIAA agency) which will be responsible for the management, technological onboarding and quality assurance of all proctored independent authorised assessment (PIAA) instruments used on the iGOT KY platform.

  • Financial model for the aforementioned PIAA agency over a 5 year period

  • An implementation plan for the PIAA agency

Background of the Project


J-PAL South Asia, based at the Institute for Financial Management and Research in India, leads J-PAL’s work in the South Asia region. J-PAL South Asia conducts randomised evaluations, builds partnerships for evidence-informed policymaking, and helps partners scale up effective programmes.


Website - https://www.povertyactionlab.org/south-asia


For multiple reasons, governments in India often require their officials to take on responsibilities for which they do not have prior experience or knowledge. As tasks become more complex and citizen expectations go up, it is important that governments are able to improve their ability to reduce the competency gaps of their officials in relation to the roles and activities they are required to perform.

The National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (‘NPCSCB’) – “Mission Karmayogi” has hence been launched with the objective of enhancing governance through Civil Service Capacity Building. The six pillars of the Mission Karmayogi are the Policy Framework, Institutional Framework, Competency Framework, Digital Learning Framework (Integrated Government Online Training Karmayogi Platform (iGOT-Karmayogi), electronic Human Resource Management System (e-HRMS), and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.


As part of its iGOT Karmayogi, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India with the support of CLOP team at J-PAL South Asia, IFMR has prepared the guidelines-cum-methodology document for the development of a Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies (FRAC) to guide all the government ministries, departments and organisations (MDOs) at the Central, State and local level. These organisations are expected to prepare a Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies (FRAC) for each individual position within their ambit. The FRAC document aims to provide for all the stakeholders involved in this process a common understanding of the key terms, details of the FRACing process, its linkages to the iGOT Karmayogi marketplace and the analytics that the platform can make available in order to improve the execution capacity of the Indian state.


Consultant Scope of work


The consultant will be responsible for the following (but not limited to):


1.                PIAA Organisation Design: Designing the organisation structure of the PIAA agency. This will include:

1.1. Detailing of the organisation structure through:

1.1.1 Identification of positions and associated relationships

1.1.2 Drafting Work Allocation Orders for identified positions

1.2 Identification of broad departments (functional units inside the PIAA) and their   deliverables

1.3 Document areas of interaction with other Organisational Units such as DoPT, SPV, CBC, MDOs etc and key responsibilities


Deliverable: Organisation Design of PIAA Agency - Report


2.                Financial Model of PIAA Agency: Drafting a financial model for the PIAA agency over a 5 year period. This will include the following considerations:

2.1 Basic cost estimates of running the PIAA (mapped as charter of activities proposed)

2.2 Identification of sources of revenues for the PIAA Agency – quantum, growth assumptions and numbers

2.3 Identification of ways to monetize available assets and generate revenue

2.4 Viability Gap Funding (if needed)

2.5 Identification of sources of funding   

Deliverable: Draft Financial Model for PIAA Agency - Report


3.                Implementation Plan for PIAA Agency: Drafting an implementation plan with the following details for the PIAA Agency:

3.1 Drafting of high-level plan detailing how the PIAA agency will work along with basic Work Break-down structure (up to 2 level break down)

3.2 Identification of approvals required from various stakeholders

3.3 Identification of critical milestones & likely roadblocks

3.4 Identification of team members (Steering Team, Working members)

3.5 Drafting of Project handover plan

Deliverable: Implementation Plan for PIAA Agency - Report


Compliance Terms


All deliverables will be reviewed by the CLOP team and the selected vendor will be required to make the necessary corrections based on the feedback received post review.


Criteria for consultant selection


The consultant must bear in mind that the following criteria will form the basis of selection. These must be met.


Experience – 25% weightage

The consultant must have past experience in relevant task


Overall Approach Note - 50% weightage

The consultant must submit an approach note for execution of the entire project,


Cost - 25% weightage

Preference will be given to the consultant with overall lower cost.




The following important dates must be kept in mind while sending the CVs to the CLOP Team, J-PAL SA at IFMR. All the tasks must be completed within 6 months for the start date of the project. An extension of no more than 1 month can be provided based on the discretion of the CLOP team and the consultant after awarding of the project.






Due Date


Organisation Design of PIAA Agency - Report

Jan 31, 2022


Draft Financial Model for PIAA Agency - Report

Mar 31, 2022


Implementation Plan for PIAA Agency - Report

May 31, 2022




The project will be coordinated by CLOP, J-PAL SA. 

J-PAL Global will act as the peer reviewers along with CLOP, J-PAL SA.


Additional Information

  • CLOP, J-PAL SA will provide all the necessary resources required for drafting of the three deliverables

  • CLOP, J-PAL SA will provide all the quality standards before the drafting process begins

  • Prompt and consistent feedback will be provided by the CLOP, J-PAL SA and J-PAL Global team members

  • The language of the documents has to be English.

Required documents / Information

  • Detailed consultant curriculum vitae (CV) with address, PAN & contact details.

  • Approach note – overall for all tasks

  • Activity Timelines

  • Expected monthly Fee.

  • The travel & other costs would be reimbursed based on actuals as per J-PAL travel policy to staff.

Other Documents

  • GST registration copy, if the consultant registered.

  • Scan copy of cheque leaf

  • Any other registered documents

  • Details of the staff involved in the assignment with their qualification & experiences.

  • Any other documents relevant to selection criteria

Other terms & Conditions


The terms and agreements mentioned in this request for proposal document may change during the final contract signing by J-PAL SA, if need be.


You are requested to send your CV along with required documents / information over email to ebidjpal@ifmr.ac.in, latest by November 26th,2021 5 PM. Please do not copy any other email Ids.


Clarifications may only be requested over email may be sought from nupur.ghuliani@ifmr.ac.inwith copying ebidjpal@ifmr.ac.in


Only shortlisted candidates will be asked for further information.

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