Consultant - State Maternal & Adolescent Nutrition (Swabhimaan)
Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Raipur Chhattisgarh
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Full Time

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Jul 28 2021




Evidence indicate that focusing on the first 1000 days of a child’s life – from conception to two years of age – is a critical window of opportunity to address child stunting. There is sufficient knowledge base that foetal stunting is largely caused by inadequate nutrition of the mother before conception and in the first trimester. Chhattisgarh still have ~27% of women as undernourished with BMI < 18.5. (NFHS 4, 2015). Maternal Nutrition is key component in reducing undernutrition in children. Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLM-Bihan) is the key flagship poverty alleviation program of Department of Rural Development, Government of Chhattisgarh. SRLM aims at organizing the rural poor women into Self Help Groups (SHGs), building their capacity to build their savings base there by strengthening their annual cash flow, reducing the risk and vulnerabilities of these poor families and linking up with various institutions and stakeholder so that poor families can take charge and come out of poverty.


UNICEF and Government of Chhattisgarh are committed to reduce stunting and improve the nutritional status of the children, pregnant mothers and adolescent’s girls. The State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLM – Bihan in Chhattisgarh) has directly partnered with UNICEF and the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) under SRLM to implement SWABHIMAAN – the multi-sectoral demonstration program for testing the effectiveness of delivering a package of essential nutrition specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions aimed at improving women’s nutrition. It facilitates women collectives to deliver an integrated package of five essential nutrition interventions directly to women, especially to the malnourished newly-wed, pregnant women and mothers with below two-year-old children. Based on the successful learnings and experience, State government has decided to upscale Swabhimaan as SAMRIDH BIHAN and extend to further 16 blocks across 12 districts.


The key activities were - supporting the implementation of annual action plans (2018-19 and 2019-20) for Swabhimaan under SRLM, sensitization of master trainers, sensitization of community cadre, VO’s block and district teams on Swabhimaan, development of Village Level Resource Maps, development of Poshan Micro Plan (PMP) module, agriculture linkage with nutrition and natural resources module, baseline, formation of adolescent girls groups, partnership with NGO for facilitating the women-adolescents-farmers participatory learning actions, awareness rallies on Sanitation, Plantation and Malaria, , home visits to malnourished pregnant women , under 2 age children mothers and adolescent girls families, organizing village level monthly demonstration and counselling sessions .


The Government of Chhattisgarh is committed towards reducing maternal malnutrition through introducing hot cooked meal programme- Mhatari Jatan Yojana from DWCD, strengthening micronutrition supplementation programme such as IFA, Calcium and Albendazole for mother and pacing up to accelerate actions for improving nutritional status of mothers, children and adolescent through successful model of Swabhimaan. CGSRLM is also rolling out FNHW (Food, Nutrition, Health and WASH) strategy in 8 districts. With the above background UNICEF proposes to engage services of a consultant, to enhance technical assistance and supportive supervision to SRLM, WCD and Health at State and for all Swabhimaan/Maternal Nutrition districts.




The purpose of this assignment is to provide technical support to Government of Chhattisgarh for continued implementation of the Swabhimaan (Mocho Mangun) in Bastar block of Bastar District for mainstreaming nutrition interventions and to support rolling out FNHW strategy (in proposed 56 blocks in 8 districts of the state within the work of State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLM-BIHAN).


The assignment also aims to strengthen current Maternal Nutrition programmes, implemented by DoHFW and DWCD through developing capacity of implementing units in state, mapping of reliable data gaps and development of plans to fill the gaps and theme based research. These activities will help and further strengthen the holistic approach towards reducing maternal and child undernutrition.


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