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Full Time

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Jun 14 2021





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Job Opening ID: yrgcareT288


Work Experience: 4-5 years


Industry: NGO/Social Services

Salary (?): ? 0.00


City: Pune City


State/Province: Maharashtra


Zip/Postal Code: 411001


Salary: Commensurate with skills and experience


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One-year fixed-term contract


Job Summary:


The Counsellor will work under the guidance and supervision of the Clinic Coordinator. The Counsellor will be the first interface with the community at the facility. The Counsellor assess the client expectations and purpose for the visit, provides relevant guidance on gender transition services including hormone therapy and provides peer counselling on HIV/STI prevention, testing, treatment and adherence. The counsellor shall coordinate with other team members of the clinic and the psychiatrists identified by the clinic to deliver client-friendly services. The position reports to Clinic Coordinator.


Specific responsibilities:

  • The Counsellor is the key member of the clinic team and serves as one of the primary points of contact between the client and the facility

  • The Counsellor is the first interface with community at the facility

  • Provides peer counselling to the clinic attendees and clarify them the services delivered at the facility using the patient education materials

  • Counsels the clients and support them in the understanding the entire process on gender affirmation and refers the clients for psychiatry support

  • Addresses concerns of community on services such as internal examination, HIV testing, and STI screening

  • Addresses issues related sexuality, sexual health and provide individual, couple and family counselling sessions.

  • Demonstrates and support in distribution of condoms and lubricants, and peer counselling on safe sex and injection practices

  • Provides non-technical support to the minor procedures such as laser hair removal that is conducted at the facility

  • Addresses the psychosocial needs of the clinic attendees and use the personal (lived) experiences

  • Follow the clients through telephone / peer-mediated approaches (using daily due list) and assist in patient retrieval, where necessary and as far as possible

  • Guides the community on services offered through referral to government /private setting (such as ART, TB and GRS services) and provide need-based escorting to the facility

  • Keeps track of adherence of patients on drugs such as ARV, HRT, and PrEP and provide adherence support

  • Ensures documentation in the peer counselling register

  • Coordinates with the clinic and project team to optimizing service delivery at the clinic and in creating an enabling environment at the clinic

  • Supports the project in peer advocacy and networking with local stakeholders

  • Supports the team in developing case records, documentation of the clinic records /registers and analysis of the same (in coordination with the M&E officer); and document case studies

  • Ensure confidentiality and be sensitive to the needs and emotions of the clients

  • Any other work assigned by supervisor within ambit of the project ACCELERATE.

Qualification and Skills;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or any other field with relevant 3 years of experience working HIV progrms

  • Knowledge on Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 7th version

  • Knowledge and skills related to MS Office and savvy to technology and social media handles

  • Trans identified person preferred for this position with knowledge of English, Marathi and Hindi language

  • Maintains professionalism and demonstrates teamwork in achieving desired results

Note: This position is only open for people belonging to LGBT community, however preference will be given to Trans people based on the qualification, experience and performance during interview rounds.

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