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Dec 18 2021


About Peepul

Peepul is an education-focused non-profit. We dream and work towards creating an education system in India that enables ‘every child to realize their potential.’

We work closely with governments at the national, state, and local levels to transform government schools and government systems. The poorest children in India study in government schools and too many of them are falling through the cracks. We are determined to ensure that they receive a high-quality education to help them succeed in life.

We are restless, resilient, and reflective. We aim high, we innovate, we work smart, we work as a team, and we use rigorous research to inform our work. We run systemic education programmes that, together, ensure that we adopt a holistic view towards improving state education systems. We are a fast-paced organisation that aims high.

Towards creating exemplar education ecosystems, some of what we do includes:

i. Run Exemplar Schools: we run exemplar schools in partnership with the government to show what ‘great’ looks like. Starting with one school with 9 children in 2015, we now have a network of 3 schools that directly impact 1,000 children.

ii. Systemic Interventions: we create systemic influence through large-scale interventions such as teacher training, capacity building of government education officials, working with district and state-level training institutes and advising on policy reform.

iii. Government Policy and Advisory: we advise state governments on improving governance and accountability structures through our work on quality assurance, levers for school improvement and knowledge as practitioners of quality improvement.

iv. Thought Leadership: we recognize the criticality of institutionalizing and codifying our best practices, content, and processes so that they can be standardized, scaled, and can be adopted by government systems to improve government schools as well as shared more widely with the education ecosystem in India.


Job Description: Digital Skilling Teacher

Location: South Delhi
Start date: Immediate
Salary: Commensurate with experience

Role context :

Peepul is entirely impact-driven and aims to provide all students from the Peepul exemplar schools with Computing and Problem-solving skills, which are essential for them to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. Using open-source technology like, Peepul aims to provide quality computer science education to students across the three exemplar schools.

Role description:

Peepul is looking for a full-time computer instructor to teach computer classes to Peepul Exemplar school students (grades 3-5). Classes are taught online currently, so the teacher will be working remotely from home initially and utilizing a virtual classroom environment; as schools re-open, the same will move to a face-to-face setup.

The teacher’s primary role is to deliver the curriculum in an engaging way and ultimately be responsible for students' performance. In addition to this, the teacher is responsible for adapting the curriculum to suit the context and learning levels of the children, managing the Google Classroom teaching platform, and creating instructional materials for the class.
Device and platform

Students will be learning on tablets and using platforms like

Key Responsibilities :

The teacher will be responsible for curating digital course material through learning resources on the web, multimedia, and other platforms. This will involve researching digitally led learning resources in the project's pilot phase to codify for the scale stage. Working collaboratively with the academic teams, the teacher will support their needs for resources and information on program management and reporting for the program partners.

The programme will require the teacher to lead the delivery of digital learning resources on time and to a high quality, ensuring appropriate style, tone, and creative approach, including but not limited to:

• Proactively engaging in dialogue with school leadership and staff to advocate for the programme and gather feedback.
• Working as part of a team, take a creative approach to problem-solving and offer a range of solutions to questions around design and delivery for enhanced learning.
• Designing and delivering through different mediums to students including face-to-face classes and online tutorials
• Curate and create learning material to introduce primary school children to programming and fundamentals of computers
• Deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way
• Provide feedback for curriculum improvement
• Engage with parents/students as needed
• Positively advocate for the school and the programme
• Collect data as needed and support donor reporting

Other responsibilities:

Contribute to the development and growth of Peepul's impact by providing support for out-of-classroom programmes, workshops, additional R&D activities for programme/curriculum testing, the impact, and the analysis process.

Person Specification:


• A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
• Experience with coding languages and platforms like

Experience and knowledge:

• Some teaching experience, ideally with some experience of teaching children from diverse backgrounds


• A deeply held belief in Peepul’s mission– that all children, regardless of background, deserve an excellent education
• Teaching and learning expertise with desire to achieve educational excellence
• Resilience, motivation, and performance orientation - sets and achieves high standards for self and others
• Good communication, planning and organizational skills
• Analytical skills, the use of data to understand student progress and, working with other colleagues, to adapt teaching methods and lesson plans accordingly
• Flexible and adaptable style, responding positively to changing demands

Language skills:
• Fluency in Hindi and English is a must

Other factors to consider:
• Commitment to equality of opportunity and to safeguarding the well-being of all students
• Commitment to treating all members of the school community with dignity; showing tolerance of and respect for the rights of others

Recruitment Process :

Application Process:

• To apply, please send a copy of your resume along with a covering letter explaining why you are interested in applying for the role, to with a cc to, ensuring you specify the role you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail. Please include the details of at least two referees within your application.

Reference checking & Probation
• As you will be working with children this role will be subject to enhanced background checks. Additionally, all new staff will be subject to a probation period of three months.

About Peepul Schools

All our schools are built around six key principles, called our six pillars.

High Expectations
Our network mission is to close the achievement gap between rich and poor children. Our vision is that by the end of school all children have equal choices and opportunities. We set ambitious, aspirational targets for our schools’ performance and believe that it is our responsibility to give our students the teaching and support they need to fulfil their potential. We have high expectations of academic success for all our students, regardless of background or ability. We set challenging targets which demand that students make exceptional progress relative to their starting points, as well as securing high attainment.

Excellent Teaching
We believe that teachers should be well trained, skilled professionals. Our schools and our network will be strongest if all our staff members are on a path of continuous improvement and development. For teachers, we offer coordinated, practical training in proven techniques and necessary classroom skills. This provides a platform for teachers to grow and take on increasing independence in identifying solutions to meet the needs of their students, ultimately leading innovation within the classroom. We expect our school principals to be instructional leads and coach and develop all staff, undertaking regular teaching assessments and feedback to help improve quality and share good practice. Using data effectively makes it possible to understand what’s working in the learning process and continuously improve teaching so it has the greatest impact on students’ outcomes.

Exemplary Behaviour
We set high standards for behaviour and aim to create a common culture, which emphasises the sanctity of learning, across all parts of our organisation. In our schools we create a respectful, orderly environment which provides a platform for great learning and enables positive relationships to be built between all members of the school community. Our students should be active, motivated learners in a safe environment which encourages them to take risks and learn from failure. Students behave well due to intrinsic motivation, because they understand the value of school and feel happy and confident in the school environment.

Depth Before Breadth
All students should secure firm educational foundations by mastering core skills in literacy and numeracy, as the basis for success in both school and life. We help our students to gain rich, deep knowledge in languages and in maths and so that they enjoy and are confident in these subjects. We aim for our students to develop holistically and believe that breadth and enrichment are also important in parallel with the mastery of core subjects. Our emphasis on literacy and numeracy is to enable students to succeed in other academic disciplines, rather than to replace them.

More Time for Learning
To give students an exceptional education, including both depth and breadth of subjects, requires time. Our schools run for longer which ensures all students can participate in enrichment activities as well as the basics. During school, we maximise the time spent on learning, minimising distractions and wasted time.

Knowing every child
Our organisation is founded on the principle of always doing the right thing for children even when difficult decisions are required. In our schools, the academic progress and welfare of every student is important. Our school staff are responsible for knowing and taking care of every student and enabling their success in school, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Our schools promote positive interaction with families. Strong partnerships between a student’s family and his or her school will lead to the greatest learning and social gains.

More about Peepul

Who we are and how we work:

One principle unites us in all our endeavours: we put children first.

We believe that all children should have choices in life. And we must fight to make this happen. Sometimes that means making difficult decisions – we will have to say or do things that are hard for us and for other people.

All our actions are driven by what is best for the children we work for.

We are:

We are proud of our achievements but know that there is so much still to do. So, we never stop striving, and we are ready for new challenges. We will work on new projects, in new communities, wherever we think we can make a difference. We are never complacent.
We are self-critical. If we think we could have worked in a better or smarter way, we acknowledge that and learn from it.

We know that our task is not an easy one. But we are determined to transform children’s lives, despite setbacks. When we encounter obstacles, we do not give up. We are tenacious and will see things through.

When we work, we:

Aim high
We have the highest expectations. We ask everyone to give their best in everything they do. The children at our schools are expected to aim high, and the staff at Peepul does the same. We do not accept excuses, and we do not make excuses.

Use rigorous research
We use the latest research and data in all our work, and we scrutinise our results. Our approach is evidence-based, and we direct our resources to those projects that we are sure will make a difference.

Work smart
We work hard to achieve our aims. But, more important, we work smart.

We are systematic, seeking models that are already successful and finding ways of building on that success. We share our expertise – between teams, between schools, across the world. This way, we maximize our results.

Work as a team
Tough challenges take grit and determination, and teamwork too. None of us can succeed on our own. We need to support and learn from each other, and we work best when we work as a team.

Together, we make the biggest difference.
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