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LaQSH Plus Project funded by CDC




Indian-American professionals from various medical and non-medical fields, all of whom earned their education from undivided Andhra Pradesh, started a not-for-profit society ‘Science Health Allied Research Education’ (SHARE) in USA in 1981. To support causes in India and for the purpose of giving back to mother country, two, not for profit societies SHARE INDIA (1986) and SHARE Medical Care (1987) were formed with a similar vision to translate the dreams into action. SHARE INDIA is a research society and recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO), by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.


SHARE is a brainchild of Dr. P.S.Reddy, Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh who is also the chairman of the SHARE INDIA. He devotes half his time in India to translate NRI’s dreams into reality.

Along with CDC funded, technical assistance projects to the government, a variety of community welfare projects like REACH, LIFE, TETRA, HELP, CSSI are completely funded by generous donors. SHARE INDIA through its endeavours have brought significant improvements in the areas of pre-natal and post-natal care, TB, Pregnancy, birth control, awareness and prevention of HIV, infant care, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate, immunization and cancer.


Vision & Mission

  • To provide quality and advanced medical care at lowest possible cost

  • To develop a working model for Healthcare Delivery System for rural population

  • To promote undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and Continuing Medical Education

  • And above all to promote Research

This call for proposal is for the proposed activity in LaQSH Plus project funded by CDC


About LaQSH Plus project

CDC-SHARE INDIA, through its project LaQSH (Laboratory Quality Systems in HIV), provided Technical Assistance (TA) for strengthening HIV laboratories in India under National AIDS Control Program (NACP) between 2015 to 2020. In continuation, SHARE INDIA has been awarded a five-year cooperative agreement) by CDC from PEPFAR funding starting from September 2020. The new project titled as LaQSH Plus (Laboratory Quality Systems in HIV - Plus), aims to provide technical assistance (TA) to India’s National AIDS Control Program (NACP) for achieving Undetectable=Untransmissible through quality laboratory testing, workforce development, improved result utilization and strong laboratory epidemiology platforms for evidence-based Public Health response.


Purpose of developing E-content for training lab technicians


Capacity building through training and mentoring is one of the key aspects of laboratory services under the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) to ensure effective and efficient laboratory services. The majority of the training programmes were conducted through the traditional onsite/classroom training, though a small proportion of training has been conducted virtually. However, the COVID epidemic has disrupted the traditional training and the virtual learning platform has provided an alternative option for providing continuous training and mentoring services to the HIV laboratory network under the NACP.


E-Learning, using technology to deliver and support learning has been widely used in training health professionals' across the world. Virtual teaching and learning platforms have rapidly changed the culture of training and education, especially in laboratory services through the development of diverse and innovative e-learning resources. E?learning has become a preferred option due to the lower cost, widespread distribution, increased accessibility of information to remote learners, and feasibility of frequent content updates.


E-content types to be developed


The types of E-contents proposed to be developed are,

  • Interactive Videos (IV)/Interactive Learning Modules (ILM) - These videos will convert the existing Power Points to play as videos with voice over, includes developing animations, undertake shooting of demo videos in laboratories.

  • Shorts/Clips

  • Content for Virtual & Augmented Reality

Details of the contents and the number of e-resources will be shared during the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.


EoI Submission guidelines


The Expression of Interest is to be submitted in the manner prescribed below,

All information as detailed below is to be submitted in two hard copies in separately sealed envelopes and one soft copy emailed to

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For detailed information, please check the complete version of the EOI attached below. 

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