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Finance Manager
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Full Time

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Aug 14 2021


Job Description

Company : Humana People to People India

Name of Job Position: Finance Manager

Reporting Channel : Finance Controller

Project / Department: TB Intervention among Difficult-to-reach Migratory Population

Indroduction of project

The project demonstrates sustainable and context specific model(s) of quality TB care provision for migrant and mobile population in the given geographies by leveraging local health system, fostering multi-sectoral linkages and leveraging appropriate technology. Secondly, the organisation, under the ambit of National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) will strengthen systems to ensure evidence planning and organizing of TB care services for migrant and mobile populations and support adoption of the model(s).

The project will target difficult-to-reach migrant population who are divided into four major groups, (1) homeless population: those living in roadsides, shelters and temporary establishments including street-children; (2) residing at institutions:, old age homes, institutional homes for differently-abled and other illnesses (e.g. mental illness), asylums, orphanages, blind people homes, homes for destitute, ; (3) economic migrants, migrants for work, labour colonies, construction sites, rickshaw pullers, Auto-drivers, and (4) mobile populations –urban nomads in peri-urban area including close to railway stations and labourers from Port areas.

The gegraphical coverage will be in five geographies of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad, the project will work with a target population of 14,00,000 over three years.

Objective of the project
1.To demonstrate sustainable and context specific model(s) of quality TB care provision for migrant and mobile populations in urban and peri-urban settings in five major metropolitan cities leveraging local health systems, fostering multi-sectoral linkages and leveraging appropriate technology solutions.
2.Strengthen systems to ensure evidence-based planning and organization of TB care services for migrant and mobile populations and support adoption of the model(s) under NTEP for wider group of migratory population

Purpose of the Job: To analyze every day financial activities and provide advice and guidance to upper management on future financial plans. It also include reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing financial forecasts.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

• Review that the financial statement has been made in accordance with approved budgets as per Donor agreement.
• Present monthly Budgeted Expenses Variance
• Present monthly Budgeted Receipt Variance
• Ensure variance analysis in accordance with approved budgets & Project Locomotive
• Review of Donor sanction letters, budget and reporting requirements under the agreements.
• Maintain Fixed Asset registers.
• Ensure proper maintenance of project support documents.
• Ensure that audit is conducted in accordance with standards agreeable by partners
• Producing monthly Partner Fund Balance Analysis Summary
• Ensure project accounting of opening and closing fund balances in accordance with tally software every quarter
• Liaison with the internal & external auditor and Tax/additional govt. office/HQM on regular basis.
• Coordinate with CHRI on regular basis for financial management
• Ensure smooth dispensation of other miscellaneous tasks related to project time to time
• Finalize various report for the donor
• Maintain internal control and safeguards for receipt of revenue, costs and program budgets and actual expenses.
• Monitor cash flow, and ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank. Also monitor the funding situation, and prepare the Cash flow at the end of each quarter.
• Continuously collaborate/coordinate with program team to assess the financial efficacy of program operations.
• Ensure all Statutory compliance related to Tax , GST etc.

Minimum experience:
• 5-6 years of experience in Finance & accounts department either in a for-profit or a non-profit organization
Minimum Qualification and Skill Set:
• Ability to synthesize large quantities of complex data into actionable information
• Ability to work and effectively communicate with senior-management
• Excellent business judgment, analytical, and decision-making skills
• Knowledge of financial reporting and data analysis
• Strong demonstrated use of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
• Well-organized and attention to details with good follow-through skills
• Excellent negotiating and communication skills
• Excellent accounting & financial management skills
• Proven interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively independently and in a team
• Excellent written and spoken English

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