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Jun 21 2021







Education systems today must prepare every child, everywhere, to thrive in a world of ‘unknown unknowns’. Children and young people today face a world of ‘unknown unknowns’. To succeed, they need to develop a love of learning which has been recognised in the development plans of many emerging countries. 


STiR is an international NGO that partners with governments to reignite intrinsic motivation in teachers and officials, to role-model the foundations of lifelong learning for every child through teacher networks. Our vision is a world where teachers love teaching and children love learning. We’ve identified five core foundations that enable lifelong learning - namely safety, engagement, curiosity and critical thinking, self-esteem, intentional teaching. These foundations are supported by a deep body of global evidence. 

In our sixth full year of operations, we are working with 200,000 teachers and 4.7 million children across 60 districts in India and Uganda. Over time, we expect to see officials and school leaders developing the foundations of lifelong learning. They will spend more time in schools supporting and understanding teachers. And recognise their crucial role in driving improvements. We have developed an innovative set of measurement tools – in partnership with groups like the World Bank – to measure this progress on a monthly basis through a data app, and through an annual external longitudinal research study led by a leading JPAL affiliate professor.


Other organisations are doing great work on direct training programmes and curriculum reform. From reading programmes to adaptive learning software, these ‘seeds’ will be essential in improving education systems. But there are almost no interventions that focus on the ‘soil’ – the intrinsic motivation of teachers and officials in systems. At STiR, we recognise that this soil is just as important. Without fertile soil, seeds cannot grow and flourish. It’s our unique contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4.



As part of our team you will be trusted and empowered with significant responsibility and accountability to deliver projects, programmes and high quality outcomes where you will learn and grow. We encourage and support team members to take ownership over the work that they do and challenge each other to continuously learn and improve. We have created a culture of constant learning that prioritises the time to develop and grow people’s skills and competencies. If you believe in our purpose and our values and have the right mind set towards quality and personal growth, STiR could be the organisation for you.


How we approach our work is as important as what we do and our core values guide the way:


Humility – We don’t have all the answers upfront.

Ownership – We empower each other with high expectations & support.

Openness – We will listen, learn and improve, and lead through obstacles.

Purpose – We’re united by a shared vision we’ll build & achieve together.




At STiR, we’ve developed simple tools to measure the foundations of lifelong learning to track our progress. Specifically, we focus on understanding behaviour change among education officials, teachers and students. Our team collects data through field observations each month using a mobile app. The M&E team then processes this data and provides a user-friendly dashboard for our programme team to reflect on observed behaviour change. During monthly internal learning meetings, our teams reflect on data and agree on priority focus areas for the coming month to better support education systems to improve. 


We are also in the process of testing a WhatsApp - based chatbot in Delhi and Uganda to understand if, and how, technology might strengthen human relationships. We do this by equipping government officials and teachers with targeted nudges to encourage them to enjoy deeper improvement focused reflections and feedback discussions with each other.




We are looking for a Global Data Manager to lead the development and management of high quality tech-enabled data processing systems for our internal and external stakeholders. By doing so, you will play a key role in helping us improve programme delivery across our various programmes. We are looking for a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit, a team player who enjoys working on using data for social impact, and someone who is comfortable with working through ambiguity independently. 


This role will be based in any of our locations and you will report to STiR’s Lead Senior Manager, M&E. You will drive our internal data systems in India, Uganda, and Indonesia. 


The key responsibilities for the role are described below. Please note that our approach to data will evolve as we learn more about the use of technology and its impact. We thus foresee that the responsibilities described below will evolve over time as well.




As STiR’s Global Data Manager, your key responsibilities include:

  • Managing and improving our technology-based internal data management systems to enable our programme teams globally to reflect on stakeholders’ behaviours by:

  1. Designing, testing and upgrading data collection forms, processes and userfriendly dashboard systems 

  2. Collecting regular feedback from the teams on the usage of our data systems 

  3. Collaborating with external agencies to ensure the smooth running of our data processing systems 

  4. Designing and maintaining the documentation of feedback and error logs 

  • Enabling a data driven culture by supporting programme teams to understand and use of our measures and technology platforms globally by:

  1. Identifying, organizing and conducting training sessions for our programme teams on our technology platform and data literacy

  2. Conducting field visits and frequent interactions with programme teams (e.g. attending monthly progress checks, brainstorms) to develop a deeper understanding of how data is used 

  3. Ensuring that you drive the further improvement of our internal data systems based on feedback received and your reflections  

  • Supporting with the development of other technology platforms (such as a WhatsAppbased chatbot) and developing monthly analytical overviews by:

  1. Strengthening the front and back end system for our WhatsApp chatbot (using

  2. SQL)

  3. Support on gathering quantitative data for external reporting to funder and government partners

  4. Developing monthly data overviews and quarterly snapshots 

  5. Conducting quantitative analyses to support internal research studies

  6. Occasionally conducting qualitative interviews




  • Post Graduate or graduate degree/diploma in computer science or social science including data management and analysis skills

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience with mobile app based data management or working on a technology platform for social impact. Experience with monitoring and evaluation is preferred

  • Experience working with technology partners/vendors preferred

  • Ability to 'keep it simple' in terms of how technology can be used to gather and present data. A clear ability to keep the goal of using technology in mind, rather than fixating on the technology itself

  • Oral and written fluency in English. Knowledge of Hindi, Tamil, or Kannada is preferred


  • The ideal candidate has demonstrated interest in managing and handling mobile app data collection and creating dashboard/MIS using services and platforms such as: surveyCTO, ZOHO analytics, Google Data Studio, PowerBI and Tableau. 

  • Candidates with prior experience with surveyCTO, BigQuery, SQL, knowledge of Python, HTML will be preferred.

  • Database management skills, good knowledge of working on Excel (applying Pivot, Macros) 

  • Some experience with conducting interviews and focus groups preferred 


  • A real team player with ability to collaborate across teams at STiR, as well as with external technology partners through strong communication skills

  • Ability to receive and incorporate feedback

  • Ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with multiple programmes and functions as per timeline 

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Open minded and able to see the big picture, comfortable to work through ambiguity 



The role is at the STiR Manager scale (subject to relevant taxes at source), along with Medical Insurance for yourself, spouse and up to two children.




If your skills, experience & priorities align with STiR’s vision, mission & values, please apply here for the role of Global Data Manager. The full interview process will include a variety of assessments. We look forward to getting to know you!