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Nov 27 2021


About the Organization

Founded in 2001 with the goal of reaching and providing affordable, quality glasses to the 2.5 billion people worldwide who need them, we have come far in the years since. Learn more about our past achievements and get to understand our journey.

One of those patients was a 7-year-old boy, carrying a book in braille. The boy’s family explained he was blind from birth. Yet, as I examined his eyes I observed he wasn’t blind at all. Rather, he was extremely myopic—meaning his sight could be corrected with just a strong pair of glasses.

I rummaged up a pair of donated glasses and gently placed them on his nose and watched as his blank, blind stare transformed into an expression of unadulterated joy. He was seeing the world for the first time.

As I provided the boy his sight, he provided me with a keen sense of purpose and novel understanding: the only thing standing between 2.5 billion people and their ability to get an education, earn a living, return home to their families safe and sound at night, and fulfill their human potential is a simple pair of glasses.

And so began my desire to replicate this moment thousands of times over, culminating in the founding of VisionSpring and changing millions of lives across the globe, one pair of glasses at a time.

Job Responsibilities

Program Strategy and Design

  • Through an inclusive process, develop a five-year strategy for scaling-up programs to serve more customers in VisionSpring’s priority segments and maintain newly achieved eyeglasses coverage rates. Ensure customer centricity through articulated value propositions, program quality and efficacy, and evidence of impact.

  • Identify and harness opportunities for innovation to accelerate customer acquisition, create efficiencies in service delivery, and expand program financing.

  • Maintain program design fidelity and efficiency as initiatives progress through pilot, replication, and scaling stages. Coordinate continual improvement across markets and adaptations to local contexts.

  • Collaborate with the COO and team leaders to develop country-specific implementation plans to achieve enterprise-wide annual program goals.

Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships

  • Partner with fundraising and business development teams to secure and effectively utilize philanthropic funds, terms of service contracts, and other revenue. Ensure proposals and reports are technically sound, contributing content related to program design, performance frameworks, work plans, and budgets.

  • Organize VisionSpring’s ability to deliver on performance-based funding for program services, including strengthening our approach to project cycle management

  • Lead the coordination of multi-stakeholder partnerships that draw private sector, government, industry associations, and NGO actors into collective action to accelerate the uptake of eyeglasses, including the Clear Vision Workplace Alliance (India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh), the Clear Vision Collective (Bangladesh), and Clear Vision Assam (India).

  • Develop a synchronized approach across markets to support governments in incorporating refractive error services into universal health coverage and primary care services through direct collaboration and policy development.

  • Represent VisionSpring in external forums to share what we are learning, garner additional support, and launch new partnerships.

 Program Quality and Customer Experience

  • Establish an enterprise-wide practice for gathering customer feedback and the perspectives of customer-facing team members to continually inform service value and performance improvements.

  • Guide and strengthen the supportive supervision system to maintain service quality and enhance the skills of team members and partners, for example, pertaining to vision camp set-up, product selection, accurate diagnosis, effective counseling, referral pathways, data collection, etc.

  • Strengthen our evidence-based approach to overcoming barriers to glasses acquisition and wearing among adults and children, for example, pertaining to awareness raising, demand generation, behavior change, and addressing myths and social stigma.

  • Collaborate with marketing and communications team to enhance the customer-facing brand and experience.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Maintain systems and team capacity for monitoring program and project performance, including through standardized logic models, results frameworks, data collection tools, and dashboards.

  • Guide the design and execution of program evaluations, operational research, and A/B testing. Oversee collaboration with external researchers, including to conduct randomized controlled trials.

  • Build-out a long-term research and evaluation strategy that underpins VisionSpring’s business objectives and informs the systems change goals of the eye care sector.

  • Maintain data systems ensuring they contain timely and accurate program and customer information, and have a clear governance approach.

  • Cultivate VisionSpring’s culture and practice of using data to drive decision making, adaptation, transparency, and risk-taking.

  •  Facilitate the public sharing of findings and results including through peer-reviewed publications.

Knowledge Management

  • Guide the documentation of VisionSpring’s unique service delivery models and knowhow, including through program guidelines, tool kits, and budget and financial models, to be shared across teams and with implementing partners and the larger sector.

  • Oversee the development and delivery of training, rooted in competency-based learning for adults and intended for use among VisionSpring teams and by our partners.

  • Establish an enterprise-wide system for teams to access and disseminate information about our practices and knowledge pertaining to markets, customers, and program services.

  • Oversee the development of and adherence to program service SOPs

Innovation Management

  • Partner with the COO to formalize the systems and practices to generate, test, evaluate, and prioritize new products, services, business models, financing, and customer-facing technology.

  • Facilitate and track the incubation of concepts such that anyone can move the organization forward if proposals align with our mission, organizational goals, and time horizons.

  • Partner with the COO to integrate the most impactful, cost-effective concepts into the core business for mainstreaming or scale-up.

  • Nurture a culture and processes that combine creativity and rigorous iteration, expertise and a beginner’s mindset, and openness to ideas from everywhere within the enterprise, our ecosystem, and beyond.

Education Qualification/ Required Skills & Experience

  • Minimum of 15 years of professional experience inclusive of program strategy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, proposal development, supportive supervision, and knowledge management.

  • Expertise in bringing about long-term behavior change and the adoption of products or technology by low-income consumers in the context of improving social and/or economic outcomes.

  • Prior experience working with geographically distributed teams of more than 50 people, and securing funding and/or managing budgets of $3 million or more.

  • Demonstrated commitment to respectful collaboration with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

  •   Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English.

  • Must meet the highest standards of ethics and personal integrity.

  • Willingness to travel up to 50% of time among eight key markets—India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia—and annually to New York City.

  • Extra Credit—Additional consideration will be given to candidates with any of the following:

    • Experience with social enterprise models that blend earned revenue with philanthropic capital;

    • Experience with pro-poor commodities/products that require wrap-around services to enable uptake by customers and market penetration;

    • Experience with eye health and optical services;

    • Master’s degree in relevant field, such as public health, economics, or a social science;

    • Research design, execution, and/or peer-reviewed publication;

    • Working knowledge of statistics and statistics software (SPSS, SAS, etc.);

    • Project management certification and/or project cycle management expertise;

    • Familiarity with customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce, electronic medical records, and/or other management information systems;

    • Working knowledge of a language spoken in one or more of our key markets— Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Vietnam; and/or

    • Prior experience working to achieve these six SDGs—1-No Poverty, 3-Health and Well-being, 3.6-Road Safety, 4-Quality Education, 5-Gender Equality, and/or 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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