Bandhan Konnagar
Hiring An Agency For Production Of “Short Film” On Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (Sjy), Ultra-Poor Graduation Scale-Up Program Of Govt. Of Bihar, India.
All Districts of Bihar Bihar
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Full Time

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Jul 23 2021


1.   Background

Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (SJY) is an Ultra-Poor Graduation scale-up programme of the Government of the Bihar to “empower ultra-poor households through diversification of livelihoods, capacity building and improved access to finance”. The Government of Bihar launched SJY on the 5th August 2018, and the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (JEEViKA) is the implementing agency.

In 2019, Bandhan Konnagar entered into a partnership with JEEViKA to provide technical assistance to SJY. In a span of 2 years, the program has already identified 1,00,000+ Ultra-Poor households and each identified Households are being given with a series of supports/services over 24 months, including confidence building, asset selection, entrepreneurship training, business development coaching and access to government entitlement.

Keeping in mind the key learnings of field implementation and to document the best practices, impact stories from field it has been decided to produce a series of 5-6 short films on Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (SJY). For this, Bandhan Konnagar intends to hire a reputed agency for production of short film. 

2.   Scope of Work and Deliverable

The service of the Agency is required to produce five (5) 2D short films for a  diverse range of audience in Bihar, India and globally. The agency will be responsible for overall creative theme, graphic design, script, screenplay, direction, animation, camera, travel, production, editing, music, SFX, voice over and other requirements.

A single film will cover a story of 5 households or locations on a particular thematic area. The run time of each film will be around 7 to 10 minutes. Thus, total 5 short films of 5 stories each. The suggestive themes for short film are: Livelihood activities in SJY household- Micro-Enterprise, Livestock & Diversification, Livelihood Cluster, Impact Stories, Master Resource Person etc

3.   Duration of the Assignment

The period of Assignment will be for 90 days starting from the date of issue of work order which may be further extended as per requirement. However, the Fund Administrator (FA) Bandhan - Konnagar reserves the right to terminate consultancy any time on the basis of requirement of the scheme and performance of the consultant concerned. In case of discontinuance, either party is required to give 7-days’ notice.

4.   Eligibility Criteria

1. Agency needs to have at least 10 years of experience in developing movies/documentaries/ Films

2. Have successfully completed at-least three similar assignments 

3. Preference will be given to agencies having experience of similar assignment on Ultra Poor Graduation model and rural livelihoods.

4. Have in-house technical staff for completion of assignment

5. The agency should have a minimum average turnover of INR 100 lakh in last three years

5.   Support to be provided by SJY

The SJY-PMU hosted in JEEViKA will provide all project related data and secondary documents required for carrying out the assignment. The agency will provide professional services as per the scope mentioned in the ToR with commitment and ethics. SJY-PMU will provide adequate environment, team support and logistics for the agreed / approved framework of implementation.

6.   Ownership

The assignment is funded by the Fund Administrator-Bandhan Konnagar (FA-BK) and therefore “FA-BK” and SJY Implementing agency- “JEEViKA” shall be the joint-owner of the assignment output. The agency will have no right of claim to the assignment or its outputs once completed. Any web-content / products / video/ report etc. produced as a part of this assignment shall be deemed to be in the property of FA-BK & JEEViKA and the agency will not have any claims and will not use or reproduce the contents of the above documents without the written permission of JEEViKA.

7.   Payment schedules

Bandhan Konnagar (Fund Administrator) will release payment to the design agency as per following schedule: -


Tranche / Milestone

 Activity / Deliverable

Payment Schedule



1st Tranche / Milestone

·        Work Plan of the assignment

·        Script, Story board of the 5 short films

25 % of total approved budget

Submission of report within 7 days of contract signing.


2nd Tranche / Milestone

·        Delivery of the 1st film

(Duration of movie is 7-10 minutes)

25 % of total approved budget

Submission of milestone report along with soft-copy of film within 30 days of contract signing.


3rd Tranche / Milestone

·        Delivery of the 2nd and 3rd film

(Duration of each movie is 7-10 minutes)

25 % of total approved budget

Submission of milestone report along with soft-copy of films within 45 days of contract signing.


4th Tranche / Milestone

·        Delivery of the 4th and 5th film

(Duration of each movie is 7-10 minutes)

25 % of total approved budget

Submission of milestone report along with soft-copy of films within 60 days of contract signing.

Note: - All the deliverables would be reviewed by the competent authority of Bandhan Konnagar (Fund Administrator) and release of payment is subject to satisfactory acceptance of work and recommendation by the SJY-PMU hosted in JEEViKA.

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