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Individual Consultant – Knowledge Management” Under Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (Sjy), Being Implemented By Jeevika, Rural Development
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Full Time

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Jul 23 2021


1.   Background

Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (SJY) is an Ultra-Poor Graduation scale-up programme of the Government of the Bihar to “empower ultra-poor households through diversification of livelihoods, capacity building and improved access to finance”. The Government of Bihar launched SJY on the 5th August 2018, and the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (JEEViKA) is the implementing agency of the yojana.

The Government of Bihar launched the yojana to uplift 100,000 ultra-poor households from poverty through sustainable livelihoods and connecting them with the collective action support through self-help groups promoted by JEEViKA in the state of Bihar. This is the first time, a government is scaling up the “Graduation approach” model in a wider context: the scale-up is ambitious in size, complexity, and in the range of responsibilities the 3,000 members dedicated team have to support staggered batches of programme households.

In a span of 2 years, the program has already identified 1,00,000+ Ultra-Poor households and each identified Households are being given with a series of supports/services over 24 months, including confidence building, asset selection, entrepreneurship training, business development coaching and access to government entitlement.

In June 2019, JEEViKA, Bandhan Konnagar and J-PAL South Asia, entered into a tripartite partnership from Co-Impact for providing technical assistance support to this evidence-informed scale-up of ultra-poor program. One of the objectives of the grant is to ensure documentation of the initiative and to extract relevant lesson & dissemination of learning to a range diverse audience in Bihar, other Indian states and in other countries. The idea is to create a learning system to capture the best practices, impact stories, implementation processes from the field and documentation of the design and implementation challenges in a manner that is closely integrated with project implementation activities. Moreover, a system of learning would be developed to institutionalize the learning process and convert field experiences and field actions into knowledge products, which can be disseminated to internal and external audience for wider outreach and for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation process.

Keeping in mind the diversified documentation requirement and development of learning system, there is a requirement of an expert in the form of Individual Consultant. For this, Bandhan Konnagar intends to hire an “Individual Consultant for Knowledge Management”.   

2.   Scope of Work & Deliverables

The Individual Consultant will provide his / her professional services as per the scope mentioned in the ToR with commitment and ethics, which would establish a clear implementation framework. The following outputs shall be submitted by the Consultants:  

  • High level learning note/Technical Guide: S/he will prepare Five (5) Learning Notes/Technical Guide on different project components, thematic interventions, implementation process etc. Technical Guide may focus on Targeting, Operationalizing graduation approach, training and capacity building, assets procurement,enterprise development and diversification etc. 

  • Impact Stories: The consultant will prepare Fifty (50) impact stories / case studies on SJY households, MRPs, CRPs, Village Organization etc.   

  • Guideline / Protocol drafting: The Consultant will prepare a framework for the entire project based on the documentation of the Graduated households. S/he also develop a protocol / framework for Graduation ceremony at Cluster Level Federation or Block level.

  • Reporting and Documentation: S/he will be responsible for drafting content for  mid-year and annual progress report and Other reports on SJY. 

3.   Duration of the Assignment

The duration of the Consultancy will be for 12 months starting from the date of issue of work order which may be further extended as per satisfactory performance of the consultant. However, the Fund Administrator (FA) Bandhan - Konnagar reserves the right to terminate consultancy any time on the basis of performance review of consultant and recommendation by the SJY PMU. In case of discontinuance, either party is required to give 7-days’ notice.

4.   Key qualification and experience of the consultant




Individual Consultant: Knowledge Management

S/he should have a Master or PG Degree in Rural Management / Rural Development / Social Work

S/he should have more than 10 years of post-qualification experience of working in Government Agency / Society / NGO at senior managerial level experience. The candidate should have hands - on experience of minimum 5 years of managing / coordinating Ultra-Poor Graduation and Livelihood programs.

Preferences will be given to candidate who Experience in knowledge management / documentation on Ultra-Poor Graduation Program. Proficiency in MS- Office will be an added advantage.

5.   Selection Process

The Individual Consultant: Knowledge Management will be selected based on Bandhan Konnagar HR protocol for hiring an Individual Consultant.


6.   Support to be provided by SJY

The Individual Consultant – Knowledge Management will be placed at SJY-PMU hosted in JEEViKA and work under the supervision of Director – SJY PMU. The PMU Director will be the nodal person for work allocation, performance review of the concerned consultant.

The SJY-PMU will provide all project related data and secondary documents required for carrying out the assignment. The agency will provide professional services as per the scope mentioned in the ToR with commitment and ethics. SJY-PMU will provide adequate environment, team support and logistics for the agreed / approved framework of implementation.

7.   Ownership

The Fund Administrator-Bandhan Konnagar (FA-BK) and SJY Implementing agency- “JEEViKA” shall be the joint-owner of the assignment output. The consultant will have no right of claim to the assignment or its outputs once completed. Any content / products / reports / case studies etc. produced as a part of this assignment shall be deemed to be in the property of FA-BK & JEEViKA and the consultant will not have any claims and will not use or reproduce the contents of the above documents without the written permission of JEEViKA.

8.   Payment schedules

Bandhan Konnagar will release payment to Consultant as per following schedule:




Payment Schedule

Timeline from the from the date of issue of work order  


Milestone I

Inception Report covering timeline of the assignment and documentation topics

10% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

10 days


Milestone II

- 1 High level learning note/Technical Guide

- 5 impact stories / case studies

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

2 months


Milestone III

- 1 High level learning note/Technical Guide

- 5 impact stories / case studies

- Drafting protocol for the Graduation Ceremony

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

4 months


Milestone IV

- SJY Mid-Year/Annual Progress Report

- 10 impact stories / case studies

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

6 months


Milestone V

-1 High level learning note/Technical Guide

 10 impact stories / case studies

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

8 months


Milestone VI

- 1 High level learning note/Technical Guide

- 10 impact stories / case studies

- Drafting framework for the SJY project

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

10 months


Milestone VII

- 1 High level learning note/Technical Guide

-SJY Mid-Year /Annual Progress Report

- 10 impact stories / case studies

15% of the total approved Consultancy Charge

12 months

Note: - All the deliverables would be reviewed by the competent authority and release of payment by Bandhan Konnagar (Fund Administrator) is subject to satisfactory acceptance of work and recommendation by the SJY-PMU hosted in JEEViKA.

9.   Remuneration

The consultancy will be an output based and will cover Remuneration / consultancy charges and Reimbursable cost1 as per the format mentioned below:


Duration in Days /Months

Unit Cost

Total Cost

1.    Remuneration / Consultancy Charge

2.    Reimbursable

a.    Travelling

b.    Lodging and Fooding

c.    Others

At the end of each milestone period the Consultant will submit the invoice to the SJY PMU. Apart from the invoice s/he will submit the advance work plan and work completion report along with supporting attachments. The assignment requires field visit of at least 7 – 10 days in a calendar month.

10.       Application Submission

As per Bandhan Konnagar HR protocol for hiring of an Individual

1 The total budget for the Assignment is INR 15,10,000. The maximum budget for entire reimbursable component is INR 5,50,000. 

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