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IT Intrapreneur (Cloud-based software)
Communications, IT, Media, Knowledge Management, Editor
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Full Time

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Dec 18 2021


Villgro USA: A Global Network of Social-enterprise Incubators


Position: IT Intrapreneur (Cloud-based software)

Primary contact: Arun Venkatesan, +1 984-238-4872 (EST)

Our Journey: Formed with a mission to further Villgro’s 20-year legacy of creating impact, Villgro USA is here to inspire, incubate and invest in incubators across the globe. With our hubs present in India, Africa, and the Philippines, we are driven towards our goal of forming a global network of impact incubators. They will in turn nurture impactful social enterprises, thus creating change and touching lives at the base of the pyramid. 

Members of the Villgro Network have supported 340+ innovators, provided $11 million in seed funding, unlocked over $76 million in follow-on funding for these startups, thereby creating 4500+ new jobs and touching 32 million lives. (More info at


The Way Forward: There are hundreds of incubators across the world. We strive to inspire many of them to take up impact incubation and nurture impactful enterprises. Our mission is to scale our 20 year impact further, by capacitating ‘30 SE incubators in the next 3-5 years’. Our focus is to:

  • Inspire other incubators to join our mission, by telling our story in an accurate, interesting and insightful manner, using case-studies, webinars and peer-learning sessions.

  • Incubate these incubators through training, mentoring and our custom tool (VITALS).

  • Invest in these incubators through capacity building funds and a fund of incubators.

If you are excited about a career that gives you global exposure where you can contribute towards creating social impact, then this role is for you!

Role Description: IT Intrapreneur (Cloud-based software)

Our IT Intrapreneur plays an important part in supporting our network of impact incubators by taking ownership of refining, re-designing, customizing and deploying our cloud-based incubation management platform (VITALS). Villgro Information Tracking And Learning System - is a unique, transformational incubation monitoring platform, that collects and presents key data about the incubation process, in a consolidated, actionable and insightful form, to the key stake-holders in the entire social-enterprise incubation life-cycle. This tool aids incubators in systematizing their workflow from application to graduation, enables seamless information transfer from one stage of incubation to the next, highlights portfolio information necessary for ecosystem stake-holders at each stage to enable success for the enterprise, and reports on investment-readiness and impact of the enterprise, as well as the entire portfolio. VITALS is key in translating the Villgro incubation process into a system that is easily adoptable by a freshly trained incubator, as well as a seasoned one looking to increase their efficiency, with minimal effort. VITALS has the potential to integrate data across multiple dimensions and enable insights previously not possible in the impact incubation ecosystem.


The IT Intrapreneur will recruit and expand our user-base by the following activities:

  • Effective tech-transfer of our existing cloud-based tool,

  • Improve architecture, economy and scalability of the platform in a lean fashion

  • Update the design and deploy a prototype for rapid deployment and user-testing,

  • Implement a modular, customizable design (easily deployed through ‘a checkbox of features’)

  • Identify and evaluate incubator-customers for implementation, deployment and maintenance of the tool

  • Build this as a revenue generating, profit centre

They should be able to work independently with guidance from the CEO, using an entrepreneurial approach, grow our customer-base, manage deployment and maintenance of multiple instances. 


Preferred Competencies / Experience:

  • Managing tech-transfer, re-design and implementation of cloud-based tools

  • Expertise in AWS design, MySQL, UX implementation

  • Project Management – identifying and managing resources, tuning cost vs. schedule strategy, lean execution

Expected Mode of Engagement: Beginning in January 2022, with an initial evaluation period of 3 months, followed by full-time engagement through the rest of 2022.


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