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Logistics Manager
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
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Full Time

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Jul 31 2021


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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders India (DWBI) is an international humanitarian medical aid organization working in more than 70 countries worldwide. Médecins Sans Frontiers is neutral, impartial, independent, and not linked to any political party or governmental body. Our teams provide emergency medical assistance to people in need, irrespective of their nationality, race or religion. In 1999 MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as recognition for its medical work in several continents.


Position: Logistics Manager


Location: Srinagar


Duration: 1 Year (renewable)


Start Date: ASAP


Application-closing date: 31 July 2021


No. of Position: 1 (One)


Note: Applicants who have applied earlier should not apply again.


We offer:

  • Salary Gross (INR): 69,882 /- per month (non-negotiable)

  • DWBI will provide relocation benefit in accordance to the relocation policy if relevant for the selected candidate (in particular, this includes accommodation).

  • 18 days annual leave; 12 days paid leave as per specified list of holidays; Sick/Casual leave of 12 days as per calendar year (pro-rated based on hire date).

  • Contributions made for statutory benefit programs such as Provident Fund.

  • Covered under accident insurance.

  • DWBI provides medical reimbursement for employees and their dependents as per health care policy.

  • A stimulating, professional environment in an international organization.


Planning, coordinating and monitoring all logistics related activities in the project or capital and providing support to medical assistance activities, according to DWBI protocols and standards in order to ensure an optimal running of the project.



  • Hierarchically accountable to Project Coordinator

  • Functionally accountable to Logistics Coordinator


  • Assisting the Project Coordinator or Logistics Coordinator in the definition and follow-up of logistics activities in the project or capital, in conjunction with other medical project managers in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the targeted population

  • Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of logistics/technical activities in the project / capital including the following: 

  • Logistics: (construction, transport of goods and staff, communications, water and sanitation, vehicles and engines, equipment/installation and infrastructures, communications, installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and lodging facilities for international staff in adequate living conditions)

  • WHS: implementation of water, health and sanitation activities

  • Supply: implementation and maintenance of an appropriate supply chain for the project

  • Implementing all administrative related activities linked to logistics (orders, insurances, vehicle contracts, etc.).

  • Participating in the planning and implementation, together with the Logistics Coordinator, the Project Coordinator and the HR Coordinator, the HR associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, detection of potential, development and communication) of the logistics staff in the project / capital in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required to correctly perform all logistics activities.

  • Ensuring technical reference for all logistics/technical issues in the project and providing coaching to logistics staff under his/her responsibility. Ensuring all staff in the Project is properly briefed about use of communication tools (handsets, HF/VHF, etc.).

  • Defining and monitoring technical aspects of the project risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification and preparation of the technical aspects of the project security policy and guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan, performing day-to day monitoring of the application of security rules and reporting to the Project Coordinator any problem that may arise. For this purpose, the Project Logistics Manager will have to create an appropriate environment to facilitate security exchange of information.

  • Participating in monthly reports according to guidelines




The Logistic Manager is needed for a proper managerial, organizational and administrative approach in Kashmir Project.


Field Focus

  • Strong IT competencies and demonstrable experience is mandatory

  • Negotiation skills and diplomatic approaches are essential

  • Willing and able to accept the sustainable approach, needing different strategies and lots of patience, acceptance of lower quality in certain aspects in exchange of sustainability

Logistic Management

  • Responsible for the managerial, organizational and administrative part of logicitic/WHS/supply activities with increased staff strength to guarantee further efficient project expansion on community level (PHCs, outsourced counselling facilities), in MoH facilities and in mobile activities

  • Responsible for expansion activities related to the logistic department in different areas in Kashmir Valley as per DWBI Planning

  • Ensuring that an efficient structure according to DWBI policies/guidelines is put in place.

  • Supervising the Techincal Log and his team (Mechanics/Maintenace agent)

  • Directly managing the team of guards and drivers coordinating the movement - and fleet management

  • Collaborating closely with project logistic/administration

Safety and Security

  • Ensures that regular inspection done in all living and workplace location for safety hazards as well as ensure the electrical & fire safety minimum requirement as per DWBI protocols. Provide training yearly to all staff

  • Ensure movement procedures and all other Applied Security implementation system to guarantee mitigation for respective Local Security Plans and mission related protocols (e.g.: Lost Contact Protocol, Fire safety and Site protection etc.)

  • Assist the Project Coordinator with security-related decisions when requested

  • Responsible for keys management of all lockable doors.

Reporting and analysis

  • Is responsible of the monthly logistical reporting for the Kashmir project in all related fields as per the DWBI reporting system

  • Submits monthly progress report to Logistic Coordinator for inclusion in monthly log report

  • Submit monthly reports to Project Coordinator for inclusion into Sitrep

  • Follow-up of online Logistic Reporting System (LRS).

Procurement (internal and external)

  • Ensure that all departments in the project implement order cycle procedures, and assist them when required

  • Responsible for generating purchase orders in Unifield and follow up with closing order process

  • Perform the market survey yearly and identify preferred supplier for all items needed for our operation

  • Represent DWBI with local third party suppliers and contractors

  • Draft and finalize local third party supplier contract for Project Coordinator’s validation

General stock and assets management

  • Responsible for Medical & Non-Medical stock management and reporting

  • Responsible to ensure that there are enough supplies available in the stock as forecasted need

  • Ensure the assets list match the reality on the ground (status/ location, etc.) and that it is updated as per the mission addition and disposal Protocol.

Maintenance and rehabilitation

  • Provide DWBI Project Initiation Form (PIF), Scope of work and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for all structural maintenance and all new construction

  • Guarantee preventive/systematic maintenance of all facilities and equipment;

  • Organize the maintenance team and the workshop;

  • Supervise small scale subcontracted construction and rehabilitation works (tender process, contractor supervision, quality control); Ensures and follow-up with maintenance activities of generator and vehicles done in time.

  • Ensure facilities remain in good state (plumbing, lighting, roofing, furniture etc.).

  • Ensure equipment remain in good state (power supply, communications, computers etc.)

Power supply and energy

  • Ensures continuous power supply in all facilities

  • Adapt to winter/summer fluctuation: prevention, prediction and adaptation

  • Maintains and follows up all heating/cooling equipment.

  • Ensure the implementation of preventive maintenance plan is in place and followed

Fleet management

  • Ensure fleet management is according to DWBI policy (service A, B, C)

  • Closely monitor fuel consumption and manage fuel supply.

  • Closely monitor vehicle movements through vehicle tracking system

  • Identify needs for tools, spare parts, vehicle contents, etc..

  • Implement vehicle follow-up sheet for all vehicles; cooperate with the project logs team to collect all necessary information.

IT and Communication Systems

  • Ensure all local DWBI communication systems (mobile phones, internet connection, landlines, intercom system and servers) function properly in all facilities where DWBI staff operate in the project area.

  • Ensure DWBI ICT (field) policy is implemented.

  • Ensure all IT equipment are properly maintained and used.

  • Ensure the provision of reliable Internet provider.

  • Ensure the data protection (backups/virus)…

  • Supervise (and assist) technician in installation, programming and minor repair of equipment.

  • Ensure all communication equipment is in good working order and properly installed, maintained and programmed.

  • Maintain updated communication list.

Facilities Management Toolkit (FMT)

  • Ensure facilities management tools kit (FMT) is implemented and followed in the projects.

  • Ensure the FMT maintenance calendars follows as per plan.

  • Ensure Job requests and JR follow up sheets are maintained in the project Level.

  • Ensure each equipment have a logbook and maintaining for maintenance records.

  • Review JR follow up sheet, sharing with LogCo and ensure proper reporting in LRS on time


  • Ensure complete accountability as per Authorization Table and keep records properly informed.


  • Should be flexible with taking additional logistic responsibilities when there is a need



Education:                     Essential technical diploma or technical university degree.

                                   Preferably in the fields of supply chain management, procurement and/or general logistics.


Experience:                  Desirable 2 years of previous experience and previous experience in similar organizations.


Languages:                   English, written and spoken, essential; local language, written and spoken, desired



  • People Management and Development

  • Teamwork and Cooperation

  • Behavioural Flexibility

  • Commitment to MSF/DWBI Principles 

  • Teamwork and Cooperation

This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the organization.    

To apply for the above position:

Please clearly state which position you are applying for and send CV and letter of motivation to apply for this position (with phone number) no later than 31 July 2021 to


Application without motivation letter will not be accepted.


Due to high volume of applicants, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Note: We do not use any external recruitment consultants.


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