Justice Ventures International Projects
M&E - Analyst
Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Patna, Bihar Kolkata West Bengal
Application Email : hr@justiceventures.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Aug 20 2021


Job Description – M&E Analyst (2 Positions)


1. MIS, M&E Systems strengthening and reporting:

• Work closely with the M&E team and JVI Projects leadership to implement and manage JVI Projects process monitoring and evaluation system.
• Review field updates with the following objectives:
• Ensure all field activities are updated regularly and reviewed at least weekly by the M&E team, as well as respective line managers.
• Provide weekly feedback to the field staff and help improve reporting from the field. Coordinate with field staff and managers in case of any questions or concerns and make corrections to the updates to ensure accuracy and comprehension.
• Highlight updates requiring managerial attention or action and communicate the same to the concerned staff and leadership.
• Identify major achievements recorded in narrative details and ensure the same is recorded in numeric datasets where relevant (Aftercare tracking sheet, Legal Index, etc.) to ensure all Key Performance indicators are updated at all times.
• Ensure all major updates detailing achievements or progress are saved and shortlisted as and when they occur, for showcasing as highlights in MPRs, QPRs, and PPTs.
• Manage JVI Projects Web-Based Case Management System
• Assist Manager M&E in JVI Projects transition from offline Dropbox-based CMS to CiviCRM. (New web bases CMS)
• Ensure best practices with respect to frequency, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and quality of updates.
• Review and validate automatic reports to ensure accuracy.
• Create new reports to assist leadership and management staff in decision making.
• Create Reports and views for assisting field staff to assist them in casework.
• Provide troubleshooting and technical support to leadership and project staff.
• Providing training support to new staff and assist in smooth onboarding to the CMS.
• Work with the respective JRC Aftercare Manager and manage the aftercare client’s database.
• Compile Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Progress Reports for Nyay Kendras, JRCs, and Projects, as assigned.
• Track Annual and quarterly goals vs. Actual achievements and publish quarterly for leadership review.
• Assist the leadership in bi-annual and annual program reviews and drafting of annual reports.
• Work with Manager M&E and project managers to enhance the process of storing soft copies of case files.
• Ensure all documents related to projects and event reports are scanned and soft copies saved on the CMS.
• Ensure all documents are organized in an easily accessible manner.
• Conduct a quarterly audit of case files.

2. Assistance in Issue-based Research.

• Provide support in Data collection
• In Data entry and monitor its quality

3. Technical support to JVI Projects NGO Partners:

• Provide support to JVI Projects NGO partners in adopting JVI Projects Case Management System
• Train NGO partner teams on the implementation of these reporting systems.
• Provide feedback and conduct periodic reviews.
• Work with Manager M&E in building partner NGO capacity to manage case information and monitor program work easily.

4. Project Proposal Writing and Planning:
• Assist JVI Projects leadership in writing project proposals for new grants. Provide information on demand for this purpose.

5. Assistance in project enhancements:

• Assist JVI Projects leadership in identifying areas of improvement in program implementation and outputs.
• Work with Manager M&E to generate in-depth analysis addressing specific questions wrt different domains of work- Investigations, Aftercare, Prosecution, and Advocacy.
• Work with the M&E team, Project Managers, and JVI Projects leadership to communicate the findings of such analyses and translate them into actionable points to address gaps or enhance program outputs and outcomes.
Job Email id: hr@justiceventures.org