Aakar Asha Hospital
Marketing and Community Outreach and Donor Relations Manager
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
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Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 19 2021


Job title: Marketing and Community Outreach and Donor Relations Manager

Organisation: Aakar Asha Hospital, a unit of Narsingh Swain memorial trust

Website: www.aakarashahospital.org

About the organisation: Aakar Asha Hospital is a charitable hospital that provides reconstructive surgery to patients suffering from birth defects, burns, industrial accident or road accident trauma cases or those requiring reconstructive surgery after cancer tumour excision. It is a 130-bed hospital located on Kukatpally main road in Hyderabad, well accessible by metro and bus. The hospital treats patients from across the country and has dormitory accommodation for the attendants of the patients as well. All the services are entirely free of charge to the patient.

The hospital was established in 2013 and is a custom-built facility. It is a part of the Narsingh Swain Memorial Trust. Over 4000 surgeries have been completed at the hospital since it started.

The following categories of patients can be treated at the hospital:

1. Birth defects - Cleft lip and palate, deformed ears, nose or eyelids; birth deformities of the hands like fused fingers, cleft hand, club hand; children with untreated club foot and other deformities like amniotic bands, extra digits; etc.
2. Burns deformities – Deformities of the face, hands, lower limbs or chest after burns (burns contracture). Acute burns in children (upto 50%)
3. Trauma - Anyone with injuries on the face, hands or legs sustained at work, in road accidents or at home. These injuries may involve skin loss or cut blood vessels, nerves and tendons.
4. Tumours - Persons with swellings of any part of the body due to neurofibromas, abnormal blood vessels (vascular malformations) or other body issues that are not cancerous. Cancers of the head and neck, upper and lower limbs and breasts which require reconstructive surgeries to regain an important function like speech or swallowing.

The hospital is looking to create an outreach program so that it receives referrals from cases all over the country. We are looking for ways to reach out to rural and urban communities so that such cases are identified and referred in a timely manner.

Aakar Asha Hospital is looking for a communications and donor relationship management head. The person will be responsible for:

1. Developing and implementing the outreach strategy for AAH to create awareness about its services in the target states and increase the number of relevant enquiries to the helpline
2. Manage donor relations – identifying new donors, helping to develop donor proposals, manage communication with donors, provide regular reporting to donors based on feedback from operations teams.

The ideal candidate would be an energetic individual who has immaculate written and verbal communications skills, has experience designing and executing marketing campaigns, and effective management skills. The selected candidate will lead the outreach programs end to end, manage all our communication channels, work towards improving the brand of AAH amongst all stakeholders, and manage donor relations. We are looking for a candidate with the technical skills required to take on marketing and communications tasks themselves, as well as manage and nurture a team of young communications professionals.

Responsibilities would include but not be limited to:
• Develop an overarching communications strategy based on our outreach objectives and brand building requirements
• Drive the patient outreach efforts - The outreach strategy would include reaching out to agencies, creating marketing collateral such as presentations and email fliers to explain our work, follow up for meetings to explain about our work and follow up with activities such as physical screening camps, training workshops and other activities to spread awareness about our services and identify patients for the hospital
• Manage AAH’s digital outreach channels - Facebook, Linkedin, and newsletters. We expect the candidate to maintain a social media calendar, ensure the quality of posts, design content strategy for different channels, ensure our success stories and other events are highlighted online, and periodically engage with our online audience.
• Work towards positioning the AAH brand as a torch bearer in the field of reconstructive surgery. The hospital would like to show case its strengths as surgical center as well as a training institute for surgical skills and academic research center. This will involve working with donors, academic journals (for publication of articles), press write ups, industry associations and teaching hospitals.
• Provide communications and design support for the organisation. We expect the candidate to have a working knowledge of designing tools like Canva / Photoshop. Developing the narrative to highlight the impact of our work is a key element of the job.
• Work with the hospital leadership to develop fund raising proposals for donors and manage regular communications with donors.
• Create new avenues for collaboration with government agencies and NGOs working with children in rural and urban districts of India. We would need to reach out to those who are in a position to identify children and adults who have physical disability and motivate the families to reach out to AAH.

Required experience / qualifications
• 7-10 years work experience in marketing and communications (preferably in health care sector)
• Demonstrable track record of meeting marketing deliverables and impeccable written / verbal communication skills
Desired qualities and competencies
• Comfortable working in a non-hierarchical start-up environment
• Excellent communication skills
• Familiarity with Zoom and other communication platforms.
• Willingness to travel to different parts of the country including rural areas to liaise with local agencies or supervise screening camps
• High degree of expertise in digital media platforms, and has experience executing extensive online marketing activities
• Experience of working with government agencies and ability to build relationships with them

To apply write to aakarashaoffice@gmail.com, or call Himani on 9963577727
Job Email id: aakarashaoffice@gmail.com