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Medical Officer
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Full Time

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Jun 14 2021


Medical Officer




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Job Opening ID: yrgcareT284

Work Experience: 4-5 years

Industry: NGO/Social Services

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City: Pune City

State/Province: Maharashtra

Zip/Postal Code: 411001

Salary: Commensurate with skills and experience


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Medical Officer


Pune, Thane


One-year fixed-term contract


Job Summary:


The Medical Officer (MO) leads service delivery in a community-friendly and stigma-free environment to the community members and works in close coordination with the Clinic Coordinator and is a key member of clinic team. The MO examines the patients, advises required investigations, reviews and prescribes the treatment. It includes referral services such as surgical interventions.


Specific responsibilities:


  • The Medical Officer (MO) leads service delivery in a community friendly and stigma free environment

  • The MO examines the patients, advises required investigations, reviews and prescribes the treatment. It includes referral services such as surgical interventions. Provides follow up services to the clients who have undergone procedures such as gender reassignment surgery

  • Willing to get trained/updated on service delivery components such as PrEP and HRT

  • Perform internal examination; sample collection of relevant tests such as pap smear

  • MO shall prescribe medications including STI, PrEP, ART, OIs and HRT. Assists the clinic staffs in proper dispensation of medicines, stock management, planning individualized adherence support and monitoring the adherence of prescribed medicines

  • Ensure that the SOP /guidelines/ best practices are followed in managing the clients and supervise the treatment services including laser therapy

  • Deliver services through community-level camps/site visits in neighbouring districts (2-days a month to begin with) including clinical examination, and client literacy; and through teleconsultation /virtual medium

  • Support in managing the client in the areas of NCD, substance use, alcohol dependency

  • Supports case management and supervise the medical functions of the clinic on a day- today basis and provide technical and mentoring support to staff to deliver the services effectively

  • Closely work with the YRG Integrated Care Centre (ICC) team for the STI/HIV related services including laboratory screening for HIV, syphilis, Tuberculosis, OI, HBV and HCV

  • Support in index testing and HIV self-testing initiatives of the clinic attendees

  • Identify and refer difficult/ complicated patient care scenarios to the network of providers mapped by the clinic and to the government facilities, as appropriate, for expert opinion and interventions including admission and inpatient care, if required

  • MO shall coordinate with government facilities such as ART centre (or link ART centre); Designated Microscopy centre (tuberculosis care); community care centre (CCC) and private clinicians for effective management of patients on ART (from public or private sector), including OI care, adherence, retention and follow up investigations such as Viral load test

  • MO shall support the M&E functions of the clinic including data quality audits, and ensures that all treatment-related records, registers, cards and PLHIV data are updated daily and kept confidential. Support the team in preparation for the accreditation of the clinic (NABH)

  • Participate in review meetings; and assist the team in identifying and addressing the gap areas in patient care and clinic management

  • Assist the team in generating presentations and reports (quantitative and qualitative) of the clinic as per the requirements of the project

  • The MO shall support clinic manager in building network and referral linkages with the partners (private sector and public health facilities) and with development partners and community networks

  • Any other duty assigned by the supervisor pertaining to the clinic services and project activities.

Qualification and Skills;

  • General Physician who is LGBT friendly with 3-5yrs of practice in Govt or a Pvt setup

  • Experienced and updated knowledge on HIV/STI diagnosis and treatment as per the national guidelines

  • Experienced and update knowledge on Hormone Replacement Therapy in gender dysphoric clients as per the WPATH guidelines

  • Knowledge on Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 7th version

  • Trans identified person preferred for this position with knowledge of English, Marathi and Hindi language

  • Maintains professionalism and confidently of the client/clinic data and records. 

Note: This position is only open for people belonging to LGBT community, however preference will be given to Trans people based on the qualification, experience and performance during interview rounds.

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