Living Water
National Program Manager
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
Ananthagiri Vishakhapatnam & Hyderabad Telangana
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Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Aug 06 2021


KPI’s for National Program Manager

Provide overall project management and compliance.
• Project goal and impact are achieved through effective and efficient project management.
• Project phase in, phase out, transition and sustainability planning and extension of project as required.
• Phase and Yearly budget, details implementation plan, and operational strategy are in place and approved in line with Project Design and donor requirements.
• Project budget utilization achieved by 100%.
• Baseline survey, project review and evaluation are in place according to the schedule.
• High quality coordination maintained in local, regional and National level.
• Systems aligned with amended internal and external audit requirements.
• Use performance management to ensure high quality output and performance of staffs.
• Project stakeholders provided with comprehensive documentation and each stakeholder clarified on duty bound activity.
• Support teams in Finance, Logistic, Project coordination are clarified on procedures and reporting process quality and timeline.
• Regular meetings conducted among Project team on progress work and further analysis on needs for change to donor requests through open and constant channels of communications with donors
• Operationalize and review the project agreement, review meetings, and follow-up on agreed items as well as project start-up meetings with all key stakeholders.
• Provide strong servant leadership, encourage, support, coach and mentor the project team, ensuring capacity is built and appropriate results are attained.
• Develop and ensure appropriate tools and strategy to monitor the progress and quality and impact of the project and is implemented
• To assist in resolving issues that comes up during project implementation. Immediately communicate significant issues that may come across to supervisor
• Lead the recruitment process in the Project team whenever the case arises to hire new staff to manage the projects

Capacity Building
• Facilitate for building capacity of Project Team and implementing partners.
• Dissemination of lessons learnt and best practices from major program interventions.
• Support staff so that they have enough capacity/necessary skills to engage with
• Ensure that systems are in place to support effective project compliance and positive audit results, and that staff understands this system and follow it accordingly
• Contribute and communicate for similar project development

Networking and Advocacy Developing and sustaining work relationship with internal/external stakeholders.
• Develop strategic relationship and partnership with key stakeholders at National, Regional and District Level.
• Interact, build and nurture effective working relationships with relevant GOVT/NGOs, international Agencies, Investors, Donors, Civil Society Organizations and foster coordination, collaboration and partnership
• Serve as a resource and point of contact person for disseminating knowledge and skills to GOVT/NGO and other institutions
• Establish adequate referral linkage of project target groups with the appropriate service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders.
• Educate on the key advocacy issues and plans to NGOs and other relevant departments
• Efficient systems in place will intend to qualitatively impact the relationships with donors and other beneficiaries.

Financial Management/Policy adherence
• Accountability and quality management system in place
• Obtain limited risk in the Internal and external audit.
• Ensure Internal control mechanisms are in place
• Ensure 100% compliance of procurement policy both in GC/LWI and from the grant funder.
• Ensure 100% compliance to Child Protection Policy and POSH policy.
• Ensure and monitor the allocation of resources in the most efficient and cost effective way while aiming for the highest quality of implementation.
• Monitor on monthly basis actual expenditures and compare them with the implementation model, budget requirements
• Review the budget if needed with the Finance team and other stakeholders who are implementing the project

Documentation and Reporting
• Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and other program and financial reports prepared and in placed and documented in time aligning with project design and donor requirement.
• Develop reports as and when required
• Maintain database management for Project as per requirement
• Qualitative reporting and implementations models ensured.
• Capture evidences of good practices in regular basis
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