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Physiotherapist / liasioning Officer cum Project Development : (Male Candidate)
Fund-raising Business Development, Grants Writer
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Full Time

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Jun 24 2021


Physiotherapist cum Project Development and liasioning Officer: (Male Candidate)

Looking for a qualified Physiotherapist to join our team and take on the role of facilitating the treatment and therapy of Truckers community/OPD patients. At this position you will be working closely with the truck drivers and other team members. You will assess the physiotherapy concerns of beneficiaries and helping them with recovery and therapy.

Required Qualifications & Experience:

• Proven track record as Physiotherapist (2 to 4 years’ experience)
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, good administration skills, and strong knowledge of physiotherapy techniques.
• Possess up-to-date knowledge of treatment practices and physical therapy programs
• Degree or Diploma in Physiotherapy, registered professional will be given preference.
• Responsible for data management of Project.
• Good knowledge of computer applications is a must.
• Proficiency in Hindi and English language on spoken and written level.

Location: Delhi (project location)

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