Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India SAATHII
Program Associate
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
Pauri Garwal Bageshwar Chamoli Uttarakhand
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Jul 31 2021


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Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII)

Job designation : Program Associate

Job Code : SAATHII/SU-DL/PA/0721/130

Location : Pauri Garwal, Bageshwar, Chamoli, Uttarakhand (Cluster of 2-3 districts)

Date of Issue : 20.07.2021

Closing Date : 31.07.2021

About the Organization: Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) is a registered non-profit organization that works towards universal access to healthcare, justice, legal and social services for people living with HIV/AIDS and vulnerable groups such as transwomen, men who have sex with men, women who sell sex and people who inject drugs. Registered in 2002 and headquartered in Chennai, SAATHII has operations across the country.

SAATHII has zero-tolerance towards harassment (whether sexual or non-sexual) or any form of abuse, including – but not limited to – harassment and violence targeted at children and women, PLHIV, gender non-conforming persons and member of the LGBTIQA+ communities.

Description of the Project:

Position Summary:

SAATHII currently has vacancy Program Associate position for Delhi Unit to be based in Pauri Garwal, Uttarakhand and responsible for GFATM projects.
The selected candidate will be based in one of the designated districts (Pauri Garwal and additional districts Bageshwar, and Chamoli) and will be in-charge of 2-3 districts of their respective zone in the state.

Reporting to: Program Officer

Position Summary:

SAATHII currently has vacancy for Program Associate position located at cluster of districts in Uttarakhand and responsible for GFATM projects in public and private health sector. The position requires program implementation experience and technical knowledge on HIV/ AIDS and PPTCT.

The selected candidate will be based in one of the designated districts of Uttarakhand and will be in-charge of 2-3 districts of their respective zone in the state.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Engaging Private Sector :

• Mapping of Private facilities and enrol eligible maternity homes and labs through Public Private Partnership models proposed by NACO (Model A, B and C) Sites.
• Provides onsite handholding to PPP site staff on maintaining NACO register in Model A and Model B sites and one-page NACO approved format in Model C sites till transition is done to district HIV team for further management and make it sustainable.
• Provides onsite handholding to PPP Model C in reporting in HIV Pulse.
• Ensures that all PPP sites submit monthly SIMS report by 5th of every calendar month to DAPCU/SACS and a hard copy of the same is filed at the site (keep a scanned copy at PO level) till transition is done to district HIV team for further management and make it sustainable.
• Facilitate referral and linkage of HIV reactive cases to the government/other private centers for further PPTCT cascade care and services.
• Facilitate and ensure transition of maternity facilities currently being managed under Svetana to the district HIV team in a phased manner.
• Constantly coordinate, engage, and seek support from the professional medical associations for the program (FOGSI, IAP, IMA, Lab Associations, etc).
• Act as an interface between the PMAs and DAPCU to facilitate and strengthen the coordination and partnership between them.

Technical Assistance to Public and Private health facilities, officials, and stakeholders:

• Provide technical assistance to private sector facilities for facilitating reporting in SIMS and HIV Pulse
• Provide technical assistance to the district DAPCU/DTO/DACO/HIV Nodal Officer and build the capacity of the HIV staffs assigned by the government in each district on engagement of the private medical associations, mapping, enrolment, and reporting to the national portal bringing in under different PPP models.
• Provide handholding training on the field to the district HIV teams on engaging the private medical associations, mapping, enrolment, and reporting to SIMS.
• Provide technical assistance to non- functional, non-reporting FICTC to strengthen the reporting in SIMS, PALS, and other national reporting portals.

Advocacy and Coordination:

• Monthly coordination meeting with CMO/CS/DAPCU/DTO/DPM/ICTC staff/ART staff.
• Attend district level meeting including the DAPCU/HIV monthly review meetings, EMTCT committee review meetings, HIV committee reviews, etc.
• Coordinate with DAPCUs/DACO/DTO to organise District Review meeting per district as per the targets.
• Support DAPCU/DTO/DPM/DACO/HIV Nodal Officer to coordinate with PMAs for strengthening engagement of their members in the program and collect support letters addressing their members to participate in the program.
• Sensitize the DAPCU/DTO/DACO/HIV Nodal Officer, RCH Officer, and district health officials on the EMTCT goals, critical gaps, and advocate for possible solutions.
• Coordinate with the district health officials working along with district HIV administration team to ensure coverage of all the pregnant women for HIV and syphilis screening.
• Advocate and coordinate with VIHAAN, Positive Networks, and other partner NGOs for enrolling families of PPW for social benefit schemes, transition of Mother baby pairs after completing PPTCT for continued care and support, and ensure linkage of PLHIV prison inmate identified for care and support after they are released from prison.
• Advocate and coordinate with the DAPCU/ DTO/DPM/DACO/HIV Nodal Officer to identify the training needs of HIV staff and facilitate training of the staff under Blended Clinical Trainings organized by Svetana.

Field Activities:

• Support visits to the private PPP, FICTC, SAICTC, ART etc based on the need of the program described in the action plan for the state/districts.
• Conduct community-based screening as per target where ever necessary.
• Facilitate scaling of HIV and syphilis screening in VHND with support of core team.
• Conduct budgeted activities with support of Core team.

Mother Baby tracking :

• PPW follow up: Follow of PPW, Spouse, and Baby to provided PPTCT cascade of services starting from STR to EID at 18 months for HIV status confirmation.
• PPTCT Cascade of services include broadly: STR confirmation, Spouse Testing, ART initiation, ART adherence, Nutrition, Safe sex practice, Institutional delivery, Exclusive breast-feeding practices, ARV, CPT, and Early Infant Diagnosis until 18 months age of the baby.
• Link PPW with social welfare schemes and facilitate transition of PPW after completion of PPTCT cascade of services to positive network/Vihaan for care and support.
• Conduct support group meetings with PPWs for sharing of experiences and motivate them for retention in the cascade care through peer support and addressing stigma.
• Provide support to the PPM (Prison Intervention program) in establishing referral and linkage of positive prison inmates and their family members for HIV services and register them for care and support services from the networks.

Monitoring and Documentation :

• Case by case review in line list, tracking and ensuring data quality.
• Review the screened reactive cases reported the by FICTC, positive ANC reported by SA ICTCs, and known positives repeat pregnant cases taking services directly from the ART centers. Ensure all these cases are followed up for PPTCT service provision and the data on the service provided is entered in Svetana MIS positive line list
• Data Entry in Outreach Module, Svetana MIS, and maintain other program records and reports ongoing basis (MB Card).
• Enters all the data pertaining to PPWs from the MB register / card and the outreach contacts made in the Svetana MIS on a regular basis
• Enters the data on the TA visits and other programmatic activities on a daily/ weekly basis.
• Responsible for all district level entries in Svetana MIS related to technical assistance, advocacy, FIF/SITE Profile and outreach.
• Prepare monthly plan, maintain and update daily logs every day, and submit time sheets.
• Prepare monthly report for sharing with District CMO with copy to DAPCU/DTO/DACO.

Qualifications, Experience and Skill-Set:

The ideal candidates must be a Graduate with computer skills or Twelfth pass with computer skills and with an experience of working in the GFATM project as field staff will be an advantage.

The qualification criteria will be relaxed for suitably experienced candidates living with HIV and/or TB, and individuals belonging to key populations or other vulnerable groups.

• Written and oral communication skills in English and regional language of the state.
• Counselling and outreach and documentation skills
• Sound computer skills, including use of internet and MS officeTM software
• Should be based at the districts allotted, for work in the respective zones
• Willing to travel extensively using public transport services
• Ability to work with large network of health care facilities from the government, private
and non-governmental sectors
• Ability to work with minimum supervision and meeting timelines
• Ability to work as a team player in a complex, multicultural environment

Remuneration: The salary offered for the position is Rs 14,000/-

This position requires a minimum of 12-15 days travel in a month to the districts and blocks with the designated state and outside, as per needs.

To Apply:

Please submit a comprehensive CV in English with a supporting cover letter, including the names of three referees (including a current or most recent employer), as well as expected salary, last salary earned and required notice period.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following addresses, and clearly specify the Position Title and Job code.

SAATHII seeks qualified and experienced applicants who can work in a multi-cultural environment with diverse teams comprised of people of diverse religious and language backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities. SAATHII is a secular institution working to create an environment of zero tolerance for prejudice based on religion, caste/community, gender, sexuality, and gender expression. The salary will commensurate with the candidates’ skills and experience and aligned with the existing market values.

Qualified applicants who are HIV-affected, women, and/or belonging to sexual/gender minority populations are encouraged to apply.

• Email to send applications :
• Job Code must be mentioned in email subject : SAATHII/SU-DL/PA/0721/130
• Closing date : 31.07.2021

Please send both CV and cover letter as attachment. Avoid writing cover letter in email body. Job Code must be mentioned in email subject.
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