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Dec 19 2021


TITLE: Program Manager

LOCATION: Bangalore/Mumbai

PURPOSE: The Program Manager drives key processes of the mentoring pre-match and post-match journey in a program. They work with stakeholders across the mentoring journey - corporate partners, mentors, and mentoring pairs/groups. They own the creation of key operational processes. And ensure that our internal team are trained and achieve quality execution of these processes.

EXPERIENCE: Overall 4-6 years of relevant social sector experience with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Program Management. Experience executing programs that work with youth using technology will be preferred.

--Manage a designated number of corporate mentor partner relationships
--Work with corporate partners (these could range from 6-9 in a year) in creating and successfully executing mentor outreach campaigns through webinars, emailer campaigns
--Manage weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting for designated corporate mentor partners
--Help corporate partners meet program excellence goals - standards set for number of successful mentor applications per partner
--Support and select mentor applicants through to successful mentorship
--Follow-up with designated mentor applicants during their pre-eligibility processes
--Interview mentors and clarify program questions (these could range from a 150-200 mentors in a program year)
--Achieve program excellence goals in overall mentor support and successful conversion to mentorship
--Support mentorship pairs & groups
--Support a designated number of mentorship pairs and groups in successfully completing their mentorship (ranges from 100 - 150 in a cycle)
--Achieve program excellence goals of maintaining early terminations of mentorships to under 20% and achieving the desired net promoter score from pairs managed
--Update qualitative and quantitative records for pairs, record stories of impact
--Curate and match mentees to work experience opportunities
--Curate upto 50 work experience opportunities for mentees from amongst the mentor and larger corporate network
--Standard Operating Process ownership
--Prepare the standard operating procedure (SOP) for designated processes of the operational plan. Ensure it meets or is updated to any standards of effective mentoring practices, is clear and descriptive as a how-to for each step, is formatted to be easily understood, and is grammatically correct
--Train in an ongoing way team members assigned to this process on using the SOP prepared, to do all steps of the SOP. This includes modes of demos, live training, and shadowing
--Review & report in a periodical manner on the quality of implementation of the SOP. Deliver retraining to team members where necessary Overall ensure through the quality implementation of the process that individual goals set for that process are achieved


--Planning & Organizing
--Ability to sequence and prioritize tasks, set timelines, and evaluate progress against schedule and goals
--Communicating Effectively
--Effective and clear oral and written communication. Ability to use everyday communication to achieve goals with a range of stakeholders
--Stakeholder Relationships
--Ability to understand the needs, expectations and respect the opinions of the
key stakeholders to build mutually rewarding relationship involving all the
teams in the process
--Data Visualization & Analysis
--Meticulous collection and verification of relevant program data
--Effective data analysis skills for weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting. Ability to identify problems and suggest solutions using data
--Problem Solving
--Ability to do multifaceted root cause analysis of the problem and present the
solutions covering all the factors analysed.
--Ability to navigate effectively through change; collectively taking others
through changes by seeking support and having a positive outlook.
--Ownership & Learning Attitude
--Ability to set high goals and motivate self and others to achieve those.
--High sense of responsibility demonstrated through learning from
mistakes, seeking active feedback, willingness to take extra mile efforts to
achieve milestones.

--CV and covering letter
--Video interviews
--Reference checks & Transcript check

Mentor Together is an award-winning non-profit organization that has pioneered the youth mentoring movement in India. We provide children and youth facing adversity, empowering one-on-one relationships with mentors, that help them achieve their goals and dreams.

During the covid-19 pandemic, we have been working to onboard 10,000 students onto the Mentor To Go technology enabled mentorship program. We will provide personalized mentorship to 2250 of these students. We are doing this through a national network of Government partners like the Telangana Academy of Skills & Knowledge, the Government of Karnataka’s Department of Collegiate & Technical Education, and a host of other educational and non-profit organizations. In addition, we work with our Corporate partners like Cisco, LinkedIn India, British Telecom, and Sterlite Technologies to build mentor communities across leading employees.

We are a distributed but tightly knit team of professionals and development sector enthusiasts. We value hard work, detail-oriented execution and perseverance.

Learn more about us at If interested, please write to with a cover letter and your resume. Please mention the title of this job clearly in your email.

Our organizational values are:
--Youth centric work - We believe that mentoring is a facilitative process that identifies the voices, needs and aspirations of mentees. We aim to partner with each mentee in his/her own journey, to enable them to realize their unique potential. We keep the mentee at the centre, as the key stakeholder, in all our work.
--Impact driven - We think long-term in our impact. We are here to fundamentally change the trajectories of children. We employ evidence-driven theories of change, best in class processes, and everyday experiences from the ground, to ensure that we are doing the best we can to empower our mentees.
--Organization and team first - Every member of Mentor Together is strongly aligned to our vision and mission. We work together as teams upholding the values of trust, respect and integrity. We place the organization first in our work.
--Invigorating workplace - We focus on engaging our people in all aspects of our organization’s work. We appreciate and celebrate them for who they are, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow, in ways that help them be more fulfilled in their lives.
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