Research Scientist (Speech and Audio)
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About the Organization:

Pratham is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. As one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the country, Pratham focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system. Established in 1995 to provide education to children in the slums of Mumbai, Pratham has grown both in scope and geographical coverage.

Position: Research Scientist (Speech and Audio), Pratham Digital

Key responsibilities:

The Research Scientist -Speech and Audio position in the AI/ML team of Pratham Digital offers young, motivated, energetic people who are interested in AI and Machine learning, the opportunity to work on application of Machine Learning and Deep learning to solve problems related to education in India. We are looking for people who have worked in the Domain of Speech Recognition and Natural Language processing.

  • The associate will be required to work on large audio datasets

  • The Associate will work on training speech recognition systems from scratch using Pratham’s audio datasets in different Indian Languages

  • Pratham’s datasets include audio data of children reading out text and numbers. The associate would also have to work on building speech models for Numeracy Data

  • The associate should be well versed in reading research papers on speech recognition, audio preprocessing techniques, speech model training and implementing ideas from papers on Pratham’s datasets

  • The associate should also have and orientation towards publishing research on existing projects and Data

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • A Degree in any Mathematics, /Computer Science/Data Science or Related field.


  • Technical Skills: Python, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing, Exposure to TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch, Exposure to NLP libraries like Spacy and NLTK

  • Exposure to Automatic Speech Recognition Tools such as Kaldi

  • Experience in custom training speech models using Kaldi

  • Exposure to Speech to Text Services such as Google Speech to Text, Azure Speech Text

  • Experience in doing literature Reviews and drafting research papers

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

  • Ability to work well in teams

  • Self-motivation and pro-activeness

  • Ability to organize and manage multiple tasks efficiently

How to apply

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