Dignity Lifestyle
Resident Medical Doctor (Retd is preferable)
Health, Doctors, Nurses, HIV / AIDS, Nutrition
Mumbai Maharashtra

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Aug 05 2021


Job title

Resident Doctor


In charge of health maintenance of residents living in a retirement Township called Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township, Neral



Responsible to

1)Founder President and 2) Executive Trustee



Neral, 90 kms from Mumbai


Full-time with 5 ½ working days

Living quarters

Fully provided with furniture and furnishing within he township


Rs.1 lakh per month plus perks like housing, food etc

Other terms

As defined in our standard contract

Send CV with photo to

President Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan . Email: Sheilu.sreenivasan@dignityfoundation.com


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take charge of the health of two segments of residents: 1) Normal healthy senior citizens 2) People living with Dementia and other debilitating illnesses

  • Heading prevention, treatment and cure aspects of the health of both kinds of senior citizens living in the township

  • With office located in the Dementia care Centre he/she will have to be in full charge of medical condition of residents with special reference to dementia members

  • Appoint and train nurse and attenders female/male

  • Manage staff in three shifts

  • Be responsible for hygienic standards of the rooms and examination areas.

  • Regularly report to relatives of members about health conditions of their loved ones living in the township

  • Regularly send a monthly report to President.

  • Recruit new staff when old staff leave

  • Be participative in all activities at the Township

  • Provide health counseling sessions to residents wherever needs

  • Retired Personnel with sound health conditions can be considered

Personal Profile of the right candidate

  • Qualifications: MBBS; MD. (Allopathic)

  • Age: 50 to 65/67 years

  • Doctor with good understanding of ailments of older people. Well versed in modern scientific findings on ageing;

  • Ability to network with professionals across the globe

  • With positives views about integrative medicine.

  • Interested in even undertaking research on ageing.

  • Knowledge of dementia and interest in the discipline will be an added qualification.

  • Ability to organise for Visiting consultant specialists in ailments of the old

Other Personal Attributes

  • Candidates with ambitious career growth need not apply

  • Only those candidates will be suitable who believe in working for a cause subjecting personal ambitions to promoting the cause of the elderly 


Job Email id: Sheilu.sreenivasan@dignityfoundation.com