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RFP - Application For Sports And Arts Sponsorship Under Lakshya Programme
Program Manager, Program Officer, Program Associate, Program Assistant
Gurugram Haryana
Application Email : rituparna.dutta@m3mfoundation.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 05 2021




ABOUT M3M FOUNDATION:M3M Foundation is the philanthropic arm of M3M Group, working since 2019 towards bringing an equitable development that helps in attaining a brighter India. The Foundation ensures the resources required for marginalized communities where everyone is empowered and equipped to reach their maximum potential to plan, implement, monitor and contribute in sustainable community development. The prime focus of the Foundation is on education, healthcare, livelihood and environment conservation for the socio-economic development of the society.


BACKGROUND: Over the years, Indian education policies have emphasized more on academics as the prominent indicator of career development and economic progress. This has unfortunately resulted in sports and arts related fields being given a lower priority in school and college curricula. Physical training in schools is largely restricted to marching drills or physical training exercises, undertaken once a week. Another major challenge being faced is lack of access to apt resources and skilled coaches/trainers/counsellors/mentoring. There is a scarcity of professionals in sports/arts-related careers, which correlated to the quality of sportspersons/artist. These are the practical challenges on the ground, which need to be addressed if India aspires to be a sporting nation and improve its performance at international levels M3M Foundation thus initiated The Programme Lakshya with the aim of nurturing young talent, especially amongst marginalized sections of society, where there is abundant capacity but opportunities are limited. It aims to foster the growth of children and youth as confident and competent individuals by ensuring their sustainable participation in sports and arts.


Through Lakshya, Foundation would support 21 individuals to prepare and train in the areas of arts and sports, 10 to participate in District level competitions, 8 to participate in the State level competition and 3 to participate in the National/ International level competition. The Programme does this through two ways.


Provide training/coaching to children and youth to explore their creative side in field of sports and arts to contribute in their overall development and provide them a potential career option in these fields.

Facilitate support to talented children and youth to participate or perform in various tournaments / competitions / events / art galleries / exhibitions at different levels to ensure their growth.



  • To build inclusive and comprehensive arts & sports environment in schools.

  • To revive Arts and sports ethos in schools and at grass-root level.

  • To build strong framework for all form of arts and sports played in our country.

  • To help scout young talent from schools and communities in various disciplines and groom them as future champions.

  • To inspire the children and youth to build mass participation and excellence in their areas with competitive spirit.

  • To develop fundamentally sound performers and players, prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally to perform and play to their fullest potentials.




  • Team Sports: form of sport where the participants represent and compete as a team such as football, cricket, hockey, etc.

  • Individual Sports: form of sport where the participant compete as an individual such as kettle-bell, athletics, tennis, badminton, etc.


  • Visual Art: forms of creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight such as painting, sculpture, drawing, sketching, etc.

  • Performing Art: forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience such as drama, music, dance, etc.


  • Identifying schools lacking proper infrastructure and training/coaching facilities for sports/arts and

  • Collaborating with professional coaching institutes/individuals to provide quality training and guidance to children of these schools.

  • Identifying talented children and youth from weaker economic background, who are interested in pursuing their career in specific sports/arts. Extending support to such individuals/teams in the form of:

  • Equipment / infrastructure

  • Professional training / coaching / guidance

  • Financial support to participate or perform in various tournaments / competitions / events / art galleries / exhibitions at different levels


  • The applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 35 at the commencement of the Sponsorship.

  • The applicant must excel in their domains, and not engage in behaviour detrimental to their performance or the reputation of M3M Foundation (including excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse or illegal measures for performance)

  • The applicant must be actively working to improve their performance.

  • The applicants will respect the efforts of the foundation, and engage with practitioners to improve their performance.


  • The applicants have to fill in a form to help us understand their profile

  • All the related documents has to be shared along with filled form (CV, Certificates, Past Performance, 2 Recommendation Letter, )

  • The candidates will submit a detailed plan and budget with timeline.

  • The shortlisted candidate will go through an initial assessment

  • A jury will assess the plan and the budget, on approval an annual contract will be signed with the applicant.

  • Renewal of the contract will depend on the performance of the applicant

Submission Deadline: 5th December 2021


Email Address for any queries: rituparna.dutta@m3mfoundation.org


Link for Application for sponsorship:https://forms.gle/AxcuGgJ4wCYmZhSk6