RFP - Consultancy Service for the Capacity-building of CSOs on Non-Web-based Individual Fundraising Tools & Techniques
Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Application Email : aparna.lall@welthungerhilfe.de

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 15 2021




Consultancy service for the capacity-building of CSOs on non-web-based individual fundraising tools & techniques By Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.v.


1.                INTRODUCTION


Welthungerhilfe (WHH) is one of Germany's largest private aid agencies. In South Asia, over the past 55 years, WHH has supported over 1500 rural development projects through local partner organizations contributing towards combating poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Our approach is to work as partners and support local organizations in improving living conditions of vulnerable people in a sustainable way.


Under a European Union co-funded project, Welthungerhilfe aims to strengthen 40 partner Civil Society Organizations and community-based organizations working on land, water, and food campaigns, in their capacity to raise resources through a crowdfunding platform and meet their fundraising targets by learning different Online & Offline methods to communicate with and engage stakeholders, including donors.


Through this ToR, Welthungerhilfe seeks a partnership with an agency to conduct trainings for CSOs on organizing non-web-based fundraising campaigns, events, charity shows, mailings, music concerts etc.


2.                TERMS OF REFERENCE


Brief and Objectives:


Welthungerhilfe hereby seeks to contract a Communication and Marketing agency to conduct one or a series of workshops, whatever is finalized on both parties’ consent, to train 40 CSOs on various tools and techniques of raising individual funds by organizing non-web-based fundraising campaigns, events, charity shows, mailings, music concerts etc.


The key objectives include:


To build capacities of 40 CSOs to raise Individual funds through non-web-based networking and promotion methods and to help CSOs in creating an integrated marketing and promotion strategy combining both Online and Offline methods.


Under the project various trainings have been organized to encourage CSOs to use digital platforms effectively for both communication and fundraising purposes, however the CSOs are struggling to create a proper activity list for the promotion and to meet the fundraising target.


Scope of work:

  • The agency is expected to do a need assessment by consulting 40 CSOs to know about their pain points while promoting their fundraising campaigns and what are their expectations from the training/s. (Questionnaire/surveys to be sent to all the CSOs and discussion over phone with at least 25% of the CSOs).

  • The agency needs to create a workshop plan to help CSOs in raising Individual funds through non-web-based networking and promotion methods.

  • The agency will also help CSOs in creating an integrated marketing and promotion strategy combining both Online and Offline methods.

  • Capacity building of the CSOs on raising funds via non-web based methods and best practices.

  • In the end, the workshop should help create a learning base document for the CSOs so that they can make individual fundraising a regular part of their resource mobilization exercises.

Key deliverables: -

  • A need assessment report with key recommendations/strategy for capacity-building

  • A training package on non-web-based fundraising methods

  • Capacity-building workshops for partner CSOs (The tentative no. of workshop could be two- the actual mode and no. of workshops c)

  • Creation of a 30-day activity list of integrated non-web-based and digital promotion methods for at least one campaign of every CSO  

  • Detailed report of the capacity-building workshop, with action plans

  • Hand-holding support for partners for at least two months (Online)

How to apply – Interested agencies can apply by December 15, 2021 expressing their interest to aparna.lall@welthungerhilfe.de, CC: Renita Rajora- Renita.Rajora@welthungerhilfe.de

  • A technical proposal specifying the overall approach to the execution of the contract; the services to be provided; the experience of the applicant in similar assignments and their proposed team with time commitment.

  • A financial offer including each service’s per unit cost (for example Rs. XXXX per day cost of Need Assessment, training sessions etc.)

The actual scope of work and deliverables will be finalized after the interview with the agencie/expert.


Time-Period for the contract – Minimum 4 months to complete the entire exercise.


Evaluation – The selection of consultant shall be based on both technical quality and cost evaluation by the purchasing committee.


Please note – The committee may ask for more detailed presentation from the shortlisted candidates before awarding the contract. The presentation is in no way binding on the contracting authority. Applicants will be informed of their selection & non-selection, but scores and other details of the evaluation committee will remain confidential.


Job Email id: aparna.lall@welthungerhilfe.de