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RFP - Opportunities for Engaging PRI Members on Health and Nutrition in Covid Rebuild Processes
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Full Time

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Jul 25 2021


Request for Proposal: Scoping Study

Opportunities for Engaging PRI Members on Health and Nutrition in Covid Rebuild Processes




Across India, the pro-active response of Panchayats during the COVID crisis is being recognized, both in terms of supporting the health system and in community awareness creation and migrant management. Fueled by the trust of their communities and their local and nuanced understanding, these local institutions can play a pivotal role in governance and well-being of communities. What is critical now more than ever is the need to strengthen the capacities of PRI members to deliver on the multiple responsibilities vested in them. Additionally, evidence also shows that reservation for women at the Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) level significantly increases their influence on policy decisions of local government and that women elected under reservation invest more in public goods that are more reflective of women’s policy priorities, such as RMNCH, (Chattopadhyay and Duflo 2004; (Duflo and Topalova 2004). Research suggests better ground outcomes, especially on health, education, water, sanitation and nutrition, as women leaders gather more experience and engage more meaningfully. Thus, a systematic investment for strengthening capacity of the Elected Representatives of Panchayats (ERs) and, most importantly, women leaders is likely to yield long term socio-economic benefits for the communities they represent and live in.


As we navigate SDGs in a post COVID era, it becomes important to re-catalyze local governance structures in building community resilience/improving development outcomes of the communities especially with the impact of the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.     




Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) has a tested model of equipping Elected Women Representatives (EWR) with leadership skills and capacity building on RMNCH and Nutrition services, that amplifies their voice, participation and leadership skills to prioritise health and nutrition and other basic services in their constituencies using an accountability approach. This model has been used over three rounds of PRI elections in Bihar and is being scaled up in Uttar Pradesh in partnership with the state government. Going forward, C3 is exploring opportunities to further refine this model factoring in policy opportunities in order to ensure capacity building of Elected Representatives from Panchayats, men and women, so that they actively engage in bottom up planning via the GPDP processes and ensure budgeting and implementation in their constituencies.


The MoPR has brought out elaborate Model Guidelines for GPDP, which laid down the framework for State governments and GPs to operationalize GP level planning. More recently the 15th Finance Commission recommends resources directly to PRI can be leveraged to address covid management locally. C3 will be conducting a scoping study to identify potential opportunities and platform to scale up work with elected PRI representatives.


Objective of the Scoping Study:

  • Mapping of landscape to identify opportunities for Gram Panchayats under the 15th Finance GPDP processes to prioritise health and nutrition for women and children in their areas?

  • What are some of the good practices and challenges in GPDP planning processes in the light of the above?

  • What are the capacity building needs and efforts for equipping PRI members to play an effective role, especially women?

  • Recommendations for capacity building and convergence for GPDP participation of ERs


  • Methodology and outline for the study

  • Literature review

  • Draft report with recommendations, followed by Final Report

  • PPT with findings

Time Frame

Duration of the study: up to 30 days


Proposal Submission


Interested agencies/individual consultant may send a short proposal including draft design and sampling methodology, and budget to procurement@c3india.org by 5.30 pm on Sunday, 25th July 2021.


Please mention “PRN/P071/2021-22/003” on the subject line of email.

Job Email id: procurement@c3india.org