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RFP - Study on Effectiveness of Public Awareness Modalities for Control of TB
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Nov 30 2021


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Study on Effectiveness of Public Awareness Modalities for control of TB  


(Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh)




India has the highest burden of Tuberculosis Infection (TBI) globally, with nearly 35-40 crore individuals having latent TBI, of which an estimated 26 lakhs are likely to develop active TB annually (MoHFW, GoI, 2021).[1] The Government of India is committed to ending TB by 2025. Early diagnosis and treatment of active TB is a top priority under the National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) of the GoI. In high-burden settings, public health strategy is to focus on early diagnosis and treatment of persons with TB disease.


The NTEP is now being also supported by Tuberculosis (TB) Preventive Treatment (TPT), which is one of the key interventions recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) to achieve the #EndTB Strategy goals, as upheld by the UN High Level Meeting on TB in September 2018. TPT services complement screening for active TB, infection control, prevention and care of HIV and other co-morbidities and health risks, access to universal health care, social protection, and poverty alleviation. As the WHO puts it “No one is safe until everyone is screened and treated to stop the spread of TB infection and #EndTB.” [2]


AIDENT-Mylan Partnership


Encouraged by the provisions under the NTEP for private sector participation for ending TB, AIDENT-Social Welfare Organization (AIDENT, hereafter) and Mylan (a private pharmaceutical company) joined hands in December 2018 to end TB in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh by means of Active Case Finding (ACF). 


It may be mentioned that Bahraich is one of Aspiration Districts declared by the NITI Aayog. As Launched by the Hon’ble PM in January 5, 2018, the ‘Transformation of Aspirational Districts’ program, aims to quickly and effectively transform few districts. With States as the main drivers, this program is focusing on the strength of each district, identify low-hanging fruits for immediate improvement, measure progress, and rank districts. Under the broad Category of Health, Tuberculosis is one of the 13 parameters chosen which will be evaluated on a regular basis.


Through a “service bundle” that covers a whole range of activities for end-to-end management of TB, the AIDENT-Mylan initiative, in partnership with the District Health Department is engaged in communication, counselling, ACF specimen management (collection of sputum and transportation of specimen diagnosis), advocacy, communication and empowerment. The intervention is being implemented in five blocks of Bahraich district, namely 1. Bahraich urban; 2. Chitaura; 3. Phakharpur; 4. Risiya; & 5. Tejwapur.


It is significant to note that Active Case Finding reached out to nearly 1.2 million persons across the project area during the period Dec 2018-March 2019. IEC has been extensively used for education among people on TB prevention and improving treatment seeking behaviour as well as behaviour for adherence to the treatment regime prescribed by the doctors. The project was awarded the ET Health world Intelligent Health & Tech Awards 2020 for Best Public Health Initiative and also find place in best practice compendium compiled by USAID & CII as innovative Approached by Corporates to Eliminate TB by 2025.


About the Present Study


As part of the IEC, AIDENT deployed a combination of IEC methods, including media campaigns, use of posters and printed leaflets and interpersonal communication with the community for creating awareness and sensitisation about TB disease.


The project is now in its second phase and Team AIDENT is planning to identify the set of communication tools that were most effective and may be deployed in other high-burden aspirational districts for accelerated march towards ending TB in other districts in the Uttar Pradesh and other states.


Accordingly, the objectives of the present study are to:

  • Review the AIDENT-Mylan initiative of awareness generation on TB in Bahraich district of UP – from case findings to diagnostics and treatment

  • Identify potential for scalability and replicability of the IEC strategies

  • Specify the contours of IEC mix for various vulnerable population groups in districts with similar degree of vulnerability as in Bahraich

Submission of Proposal


Interested agencies/consultants are invited to submit a detailed technical and financial proposal for undertaking the study.


The technical proposal should provide details of the approach & methodology for the study, team composition and plan for execution of the study.


The study is likely to be initiated by mid-December 2021 and is expected to be completed by mid-February 2022.


The evaluation of the proposal will be based on a QCBS method. A weighted score, with 70 per cent weightage to the Technical proposal and 30 per cent weight to the Financial Proposal. The combined score will be calculated as follows: Total Score = (Lowest cost quoted/Cost of the evaluated bidder)*0.3+ (Technical Score awarded to the proposal by the bidder*0.7)


Deadline for submission of Proposal


The deadline for submission is 30 Nov 2021. Proposals should be submitted to:;   with cc to;

[2] WHO Representative in India 

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