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RFP - Supply Of Smartphones Of The Required Specifications
Udaipur Rajasthan
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Full Time

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Jun 18 2021




Community health workers in the rural district of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India are using the mobile application platform developed by Khushi Baby and sanctioned by the Government of Rajasthan’s, Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare to collect individual-specific health data relevant for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Currently, not all village-based ASHA workers have access to their own smartphone to participate in active surveillance and follow-up exercises to record their work on the respective digital platform. To close this gap, this RFP is being released for the procurement of compatible smartphones to be used by community health workers, both a) to address the immediate needs of the COVID-19 pandemic and b) to facilitate long-term longitudinal community health follow-up across multiple health verticals, as per government norms.


About Khushi Baby


Khushi Baby, founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization that aims to track and improve reproductive, maternal, child and primary health at the last mile. The Khushi Baby solution is a novel mobile health platform for accountable, longitudinal tracking of maternal and child health in last mile settings. The Khushi Baby platform advances key technologies such as: offline authentication of provider-beneficiary interaction (via use of Near Field Communication or NFC, offline biometrics and GPS), decentralized health records (via use of NFC), prioritized beneficiary due lists, and automated targeted voice calls. The Khushi Baby team oversees the end-to-end process of design, development, deployment, monitoring and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement required to drive granular impact. 


Khushi Baby is currently working in India, with special focus in the state of Rajasthan in close collaboration with the state government, providing technical support to strengthen the public health delivery system through digital solutions and reaching to the list miles. Khushi Baby’s efforts are also collaborated and funded by various national and international partners including GAVI, UNICEF, GIZ, WHO, JPAL, Google AI for Social Good, Harvard Medical School, Simprints, MIT-Solve, Yale School of Public Health, NCORE, DL Shah Trust and IIHMR.


The Request for Proposal 


Khushi Baby is inviting the qualified vendors to submit proposals to provide the following goods and services:

  • To provide 1080 smartphones meeting specifications outlined in Annexure-A     

  • To provide charging cables and cover guards for the 1080 smartphones  

  • To provide a 1-year warranty for the smartphones, with services centers based in Rajasthan, India

Qualifications to bid

  • Must have an annual turnover of at least 100,000  USD or 70,00,000 INR    

  • Must have services for hardware repair and replacement in Rajasthan, India

  • Must have requisite BIS certifications on electronic devices being sold as per Indian government norms

  • Must demonstrate compliance with Indian government norms for sale or resale of electronics

  • Must be able to fulfill the order of 1080 phones within 14 days of being awarded the contract

Proposal structure (see Annexure in the attachment)    

  • No more than 3 single pages in length    

  • Specific product should be mentioned with all technical specifications    

  • Technical specifications meeting the requirements should be bolded

  • Cost break up for the 3 components above should be clearly mentioned    

  • Evidence should be provided to show proof of meeting the aforementioned qualifications

Evaluation Process

  • A minimum of 3 qualified bidders must submit the proposal within 10 days of release    

  • Each bidder will be required to express mail a sample of their device, charger, and guard to the address mentioned below for testing at the time of submitting their proposal. The bidder will be responsible for the shipment costs. Khushi Baby will be responsible for the shipment costs when returning the samples.

  • The evaluation process should complete no more than 7 days after receiving minimum 3 qualified bids    

  • The following evaluation formula will be used to calculate a summative score.

Evaluation Category


Cost of the items

0 - 15 

Number of technical criteria met

0 - 15

Performance of sample device in testing

0 - 20


A maximum of 50 points will be allotted    


The bidder with the highest points will be awarded the contract, provided that the evaluation score is greater than at least 40


The final price for goods and/or services will be determined through negotiation with the bidder awarded the contract to work for this RFP


Contact Details


Procurement Incharge,

Khushi Baby Inc.,

123 Kharol Colony, 1st Floor, Gali No. 5

Fatehpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001

Contact : +91 8058867119


Job Email id: Download Attachment: RFP for Phone Procurement-Khushi Baby.pdf