Lords Education and Health Society LEHS WISH
RFP - to Urgently Supply Medical Equipment’s, Furniture, Consumables & related Accessories at 3 different Locations in Assam
Application Email : rfp@wishfoundationindia.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Jun 12 2021


Request for Proposal


To urgently supply medical equipment’s, furniture, consumables & related accessories at 3 different locations in Assam- Goalpara, Rowta, Tinsukia


I. About the Organization


Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Health Care (WISH) is the flagship program of Lords Education & Health Society (LEHS), a registered non-profit organization in India. LEHS|WISH works towards improving the quality of and access to primary healthcare services for the underserved communities. LEHS|WISH is implementing primary healthcare models through a partnership with state governments, international agencies and the private sector by appropriately introducing promising healthcare innovations to the public health system to build an equitable, innovation-led and evidence-based quality healthcare system within easy reach of the underserved population of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.


Lords Education & Health Society (LEHS) invites email quotations from authorized suppliers’/manufacturers of  medical equipment, furniture, consumables & related accessories to urgently supply items as per the attached Annexure-I


Terms & Conditions:

  • Requirement is urgent therefore supplier who is capable of providing above items at the earliest will be preferred.

  • Supplier has to provide necessary ISO/CE/GMP/FDA/BIS/DRDO/SITRA certifications whichever is applicable at the time of submitting their quotations.

  • Supplier has to mention model number/part number against each product wherever applicable.

  • Delivery charges wherever applicable should be clearly mentioned by supplier in their quotes.

  • Any additional information against any particular product will be provided by supplier in a time bound manner.

  • Delivery timelines will be mutually agreed with the selected supplier along with LD clause.

  • This RFP is open for manufacturers as well as authorized suppliers.

  • Brand authorized suppliers will be preferred wherever applicable.

  • Payment term will be mutually discussed with selected supplier however it is mandatory to provide your payment term in quotation.

  • GST certificate & PAN of the supplier is required along with quotation.

  • Supplier should be capable of providing warranty, parts and AMC for the above items in India.

  • Supplier should have min 5 years of experience in supplying general medical equipment and ICU equipment.

  • Wish reserve the right to increase or decrease the given requirement by 10%.

  • Wish reserve the right to cancel this RFP anytime without assigning any reason to anyone.

  • Wish reserve the right to award order to more than one supplier’s considering the urgency.

  • GST should be mentioned separately.

  • Freight and forwarding charges to be mention separately.

How to submit the proposals?


Authorized and eligible suppliers/manufacturers are requested to forward their rates in the rate format (excel sheet) given in Annexure-I for all three locations along with a cover letter on their letter head to e-mail id: rfp@wishfoundationindia.org  on or before 12th June 2021, 18:00HRS. Please note that incomplete proposals, or arrive after the closing date will not be considered. LEHS|WISH will not be responsible for any loss or non-delivery. Proposals must be submitted in English. All inquiries and requests for information regarding this requirement must be submitted no later than 17:00HRS, 10th June 2021through e-mail in the above-mentioned e-mail id. Answers to inquiries will be shared with all through email only. LEHS|WISH will not compensate agencies for its preparation of the response to this RFP.


Important timelines:

RFP upload date & time

8th June 2021 17:00HRS


Last date & time for submission of quotation in prescribed format through email


12th June 2021 18:00HRS

Last date & time for submission of enquiries through email

10th June 2021 17:00HRS

Job Email id: rfp@wishfoundationindia.org Download Attachment: Annexure-I.xls