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RFP for Hiring of Service Provider for Preparation and Distribution of Nutrition Supplementation for Children (6-14 years)
Administration, HR, Management, Accounting/Finance Executive
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
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Full Time

Closing Date

Nov 26 2021


Request for Proposal

For hiring of service provider for preparation and distribution of Nutrition Supplementation for children (6-14 years) in Chinhat block of Lucknow


Date of Issue – 18 November 2021


Last date for submission of proposal – 26 November 2021


Proposals are invited for undertaking:

  1. Preparation and distribution of Nutrition Supplementation for children (6-14 years)

  2. A softcopy of the proposal should reach us on or before 26-11-2021 quoting “Proposals for nutritious supplementation”  Email ID –

  3. A hardcopy of the same proposal should reach us on or before 29-11-2021 quoting “Proposals for nutritious supplementation”

         Address – MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child

         B-5, Greater Kailash Enclave-II, New Delhi 110048


For queries related to submission of RFP or any further queries all correspondence may be directed to Dr Akshay Thakur and Mithilesh Tiwari-


About the Organization


Mamta Health Institute for Mother and Child (Mamta-HIMC), not-for-profit institution is registered under the Society Registration Act, 1956. The organization was established in the year 1990 focusing on adolescent, maternal and child health. Over the past three decades, organizational work has been diversified in the areas of public health – Maternal and Child Health & Nutrition; Sexual and Reproductive Health with focus on Adolescents (10-19 years); Communicable (largely, HIV, TB, and Hepatitis B & C); and Non-Communicable Diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity & Mental Health). Nutrition being the core pillar of human development as well as a basic human need and a prerequisite to a healthy life, it is a cross cutting agenda for maximum interventions. 




As a part of our project on improving the Nutritional Status of Children in the age-group of 6-14 years in the select areas of Lucknow (Chinhat block- Juggaur and Lolai areas), MAMTA- HIMC is seeking proposals from a qualified and experienced vendor (Agency/SHG/NGO) for preparation and distribution of Nutritious Supplementation for children suffering from Malnutrition.




The working agreement will commence from the date of signing the contract and will last till the commencement of field activities to cover approximately 600 beneficiaries at Lucknow.

Overall distribution of supplements has to continue for a period of 7 months beginning from December 15, 2021.


MAMTA will provide the names of the consenting children and their locations at villages Juggaur and Lolai (Lucknow).


Scope of work

  • The agency/SHG/NGO shall procure the raw material for preparation of food items (Nutritious Ladoo or Nutritious Bar) as per the recipe provided by MAMTA-HIMC.

  • The agency/SHG/NGO shall prepare the food items as per the recipe provided by MAMTA-HIMC.

  • The agency/SHG/NGO should provide a demonstration of the prepared food item before beginning of distribution.

  • Registration of all the beneficiaries shall be ensured by the agency/SHG/NGO with consultation from MAMTA-HIMC field team.

  • Service provider will be responsible for proper storage of the raw material and the prepared supplements.

  • When the supplements are being distributed, the operational cost related to supply chain management shall be bore by the agency/SHG/NGO.

  • Logistic systems for preparation and distribution shall be ensured by the service provider.

  • Final plan for preparation and distribution of supplements shall be shared with MAMTA-HIMC before the start of the process.

  • The service provider shall report any issues with respect to distribution or acceptability of the supplements encountered during the whole process before the end of same day.

  • Service provider should send electronic reports to MAMTA-HIMC office within 48 hours of distribution drive. Both paper report and electronic reports will be required.

  • The supplementation will vary for different age groups and will be weekly or bi-weekly depending upon the beneficiary requirement, details of which will be shared by MAMTA-HIMC after finalization of the agency.

Quality assurance

  • Internal Quality Control records and appropriate corrective action for all the preparations and distribution must be maintained and available for verification whenever required by the MAMTA-HIMC team, 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Evaluation will be based on the criteria listed below:

  • Technical proposal (40%)

  • Financial Proposal (40%)

  • One on one interaction with shortlisted agencies (20%) 


  • MAMTA HIMC reserves the right to reject all or any quotation(s), wholly or partly, without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  • MAMTA HIMC team reserves the right to request the top 3 proposals for an in person presentation.

  • MAMTA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to conduct negotiations in accordance with MAMTA and/donor’s policies and procedures and to request additional information from prospective Bidders to supplement or clarify any aspect of the proposal documents if such revisions will be in the interest of our programs

  • Only shortlisted agencies will be contacted.

  • MAMTA shall not be legally bound by any award notice issued for this RFP until an Agreement is duly signed and executed with the winning bidder(s).

  • Further details will be shared with shortlisted agencies.

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