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RFQ for Designing Curriculum Consultant
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Nov 30 2021


RFQ for Designing Curriculum Consultant



About CINI


CINI is a registered non-profit non-government organization (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act in India. We work with over 1900 Indian professionals. We are guided by a Governing Body composed of experienced Indian practitioners, academics and administrators. Founded in 1974 by pediatrician, Dr. Samir Chaudhuri, CINI is located in Kolkata (former Calcutta), West Bengal, India and runs operations in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha, assisting about 7 million people. We have been recipient of prestigious awards and recognitions in India and around the world.

CINI is regarded as one of the most influential institutions working for poor children in India. For more than four decades, CINI have been partnering with central and state government, national and international donors, non-government organizations and local communities to strengthen the capacity of deprived children and women to improve their health, nutrition, education and protection conditions. Distilling international and national experience, CINI as an organization seeks to learn from the poor to improve our interventions in under-serviced rural and urban areas. The aim is at strengthening local governance processes that give marginalized and poor communities a voice and influence national policy. In the recent past, CINI has undergone a methodological shift in its policy and action by adopting a human rights-based approach in its development work. It has evolved from focusing on a service delivery mode of functioning to a mix of facilitation and Service delivery.While working with the communities and fulfilling their contextual needs, CINI realized that sustainable development is only possible by building partnerships with key stakeholders and adopting an integrated approach across education, protection, health and nutrition domains. These learning have resulted in evolution of a Child Friendly Communities (CFC) model that ensure accesses to the rights and entitlements of children in the society. This shift led to adoption of a human rights-based approach in programme, fostering partnerships for local development among community actors, service providers and elected representatives.




With United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC) coming into effect, CINI branched into urban sector in the year 1989. The organization has been responding to child rights needs in urban context and its complexities that impact the realization of child rights. It started with education support at Sealdah Railway Station and ward 58 and gradually extend the educational reach.


The flagship program for CINI urban education has been its Accelerated Teaching-Learning methodology. Professor Abul Khair Jalaluddin, Sister M. Cyril Mooney, Resource Teachers from Sarva Siksha Mission (SSM), West Bengal Education Department, and MV Foundation have helped to design the Bridge Course Curriculum of CINI.


The project, An Approach towards Reinforcing Education for Deprived Children of Kolkata, have been designed to impact 11,000 children and 1,64, 568 indirect population in 15 wards of Kolkata through creating a model of meaningful learning opportunities, retention of children in 100 schools and enhancing learning outcomes of most vulnerable through 53 community-based centres.


The project is being implemented through three broad components which are as follows:


A.               Community based learning centres: A total of 1000 children will be benefitted from 53 community-based learning centres for 12 to 16 years children, studying in classes III-X.

B.               Improving retention and learning through Special Training and tracking at 100 formal schools: A total 10,000 children from 100 formal primary schools will be benefitted through learning level and retention-based support programme.

C.                Capacity Building of School Teachers:Strengthening capacities of earmarked school teachers through continuous meetings and conveying information of the project implementation.


The pandemic and lockdown had multiple repercussions for underprivileged children. CINI worked to prevent their learning loss by adopting a Blended Learning Solution by scheduling home visits and online classes based on smartphone accessibility. Correspondingly, digitalisation of pedagogical tools and resources paved the way of sharing activity kits through physical and online classes. At the same time, daily correspondence was done with school teachers to ensure their continued support to children coming to CINI’s learning centres. This has enabled the relinking of these underprivileged with education system ensuring their return to school once it reopens.  


Therefore, following Acceleration Teaching-Learning methodology, a curriculum on Mathematics needs to be designed and developed for supporting underprivileged children.


Scope of Work:


The primary aim of the Curriculum is to help children achieve age-grade appropriateness in Numeracy. Underprivileged children often exhibit Grade Learning-Gap in English, Bengali and Mathematics making it difficult for them to participate in classroom transactions. This leads children to drop-out after primary school which prevents them to complete their elementary education and secondary education. Therefore, numeracy skills form an important aspect of foundational literacy which contributes to the overall learning improvement of children. Henceforth, the curriculum will be used by Special Training Volunteers who are centre teachers of CINI’s learning centre. It will help them in not only teaching critical concepts but also in taking academic target of individual children based on learning level.


Deliverables and Requirements:

  • The planning for the curriculum will be given by CINI.

  • Consultant needs to sit with CINI’s technical Expert on designing elements and other inputs required for developing the curriculum.

  • The bridge course book on Mathematics upto class V needs to be developed according to NCERT & SCERT guidelines and competencies

  • The curriculum will be designed in Bengali.

  • The curriculum will be designed class wise with every chapter dealing with the explanation of a single mathematical concept along with examples, appropriate exercise and pictures.

  • Clear understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Has command over Bengali language and typing skills

  • Able to design worksheets and chapters with pictorial examples in MS Word.

Qualification and Experiences


The expected qualification and experience required from the interested applicants are as follows:

3 - 4 years proven professional experience in designing and developing Bridge Course Curriculum.

Has good understanding of social development/NGO sector, especially in educational support to underprivilege children.


Expected Duration of Work

The expected duration of work is 3 months starting from the date of commencement.


Proposal Requirement


Please submit the following documents electronically to Purchase Committee, CINI Kolkata Unit at within 30th November, 2021.

  • CV indicating relevant experience and academic background

  • Brief outline of the Approach and Methodology to providing the services noted above indicating major factors/issues to be considered and how they will be addressed

  • Financial proposal shall be submitted separately and include all costs necessary for carrying out service

  • Proposed work schedule/timeline including number of days required (max. 3 months)

  • Three (3) references/ testimonies and experience of similar work delivery

For any questions or inquiries please contact: 1. Prabir Mallick (9038697687) 2. Anupa Datta (6291041013)

Child In Need Institute follows Child Protection Policy, Sexual Harassment at Workplace policy and all HR related policies. 

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