Centre for Social Research CSR
Senior Project Coordinator
Project Associate, Project leaders, Project Assistant
VasantKunj Delhi
Application Email : jobs@csrindia.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 19 2021


Position: Senior Project Coordinator


Organisation: Centre for Social Research (CSR)


Location: VasantKunj,New Delhi


About Centre for Social Research (CSR)


Centre for Social Research (CSR) is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India was founded in 1983. CSR is dedicated to creating a violence-free, gender-just society through social research, capacity building and advocacy. Our various interventions include work on gender equality through its programs such as Women’s Political Leadership, Digital Safety & Citizenship, BetiBachaoBetiPadhao, Skill Training for Women, Water & Women’s Leadership through Gender, Water & Climate Change programs and Gender trainings for various stakeholders.


Project Background for Gender, water and climate change department (GWCC)


We at CSR recognize the importance of women’s active participation in governance structures and in management of natural resources, particularly given the increasing impact of climate change. In order to address this issue we have partnered with like-minded agencies and sponsors to take forward the baton for achieving climate change mitigation.


Here we aim to work through a bottom’s up approach where our grass-root level interventions will directly aim towards building the capacities of Self Help Group women (SHG’s) and Elected Women Representatives (EWR’s) such that they become the agents of change in their own villages and mobilize and build a network to make their villages self-sufficient in terms of availability of safe water.


CSR’s work on water conservation and management has led to following results and we envision to replicate our work in various other parts of our country with similar issues.


Rajasthan: Water Conversation

  • 600 EWRs & SHG members trained

  • 36 infrastructure projects (with leveraged government resources)

  • 10,000 community members served

  • 2020: policy dialogue & networking for gender-inclusive RAPCC

  • 2021: Expansion & replication of our water project in various other parts of Alwar

Bihar & Nepal: Disaster Management preparedness: Flood Preparedness

  • 152 EWRs trained & mobilised (78 Bihar, 74 Nepal)

  • Joint Dialogue – 40 participants

  • Disaster Management Committees

Key Roles & Responsibilities

The Senior Project Coordinator will be required to take lead and carry out the following tasks listed below:-

  • He/She will be responsible for devising a strategy for program implementation and management

  • The Sr.Project Coordinator will be responsible for coordination and monitoring of program being implemented at grass-root level which would require frequent travel to the field areas.

  • He/She will be responsible for preparing the training modules, coordinate and implement the trainings at various levels

  • The Sr.Project Coordinator will be required to facilitate the training sessions as and when needed for the project(s).

  • He/She will be responsible for report writing, accounts submission and systematic communication to the sponsor agencies on progress of the project(s).

  • His/Her expertise and skills will be required in putting together relevant project proposals. 

Experience Required: He/She is required to have minimum 3-5 years of experience of working as a project coordinator in an Ngo/development sector. Additionally; having experience in writing proposals will also be beneficial.


Qualification Required: Minimum Master’s degree in social work / rural development /gender studies.


Salary Package: The annual salary (CTC) will commensurate with the available skills and fitment of the applicant as per the selection process.


How to Apply: Interested candidates should send in their CV’s with a covering letter on the following email id – jobs@csrindia.org

Job Email id: jobs(at)csrindia.org