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Senior Technical Advisor-Management of Organic Waste
Technology Associate, Technical Assistant,
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Full Time

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Jun 23 2021



Reference # : 11/02/2021/STA/MOWI/Delhi

Project: Management of Organic waste in India (MOWI)

Position: Senior Technical Advisor

Band : 5

Location : Delhi

How to Apply:

Please send your application in GIZ application form along with the following to with the reference number in the subject line.

• a statement of suitability for this position
• expected salary and notice period
• a maximum of 2 pager note on any one of the topics given below:

In order to enable cities to improve their organic waste management, what are the initiatives required at State level for ensuring that conditions in the cities actually improve?


What are the current challenges faced by the ULBs in Organic Waste Management and what measures could be taken for an efficient management system?

A. About GIZ India
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B. Project Background:

The Management of Organic waste in India project is part of global export initiative for green technologies component and in GIZ India it is part of the Sustainable Urban Development and Industrial Development cluster. The aim of the project is that ‘Enhanced practices for sustainable organic waste management are established in selected cities, states and at national level’. The project will be active in the selected cities of Kanpur, Kochi, and Port Blair, in states, and at the national level.

C. Responsibilities:

• Independently managing the component Management of Organic waste in India (MOWI) project under the global export initiative project in GIZ in accordance with the order and project goals and activities agreed with the partner, team agreements and/or agreements with the superior.
• Supporting implementation of the “Cities Combatting Plastics entering marine environment” (CCPME) project.
• Providing professional advice to partners and cooperating with important stakeholders innovation and knowledge management and communication of innovations to a broad target group.
• Integrating results and experience into teamwork and the work of all relevant groups technical management of experts in the component.

D. Core scope of Tasks:

1. Management Responsibility:
• Is responsible for the orders and measures in the MOWI project as well as selected measures in the CCPME project that are assigned to him/her and for managing all staff members who report to him/her (management responsibility for staff in band 4)manages staff in accordance with management principles and guidelines to promote a sense of corporate identity, enable employees to carry out tasks independently and create scope for developing creativity and innovation.
• Is responsible for recruiting, selecting, grading, planning the assignment of and professional development of staff members who report to him/her.
• is also responsible for monitoring, managing staff and ensuring that they provide cost-effective services.
• Carries out the annual staff assessment and development talk for staff members who report to him/her

2. Professional Advisory Services:
• Advises partner institution(s) on order clarification, identifying needs, developing concepts and strategies, and provides technical input.
• Participates in identifying needs for external support and advice, works on policy recommendations and develops a strategic approach.
• Contributes to preparing and implementing the coordination process, joint project/programme activities and work in the regions.
• Formulates job descriptions and terms of reference and selects and supervises third parties in the course of carrying out project/programme activities, including performance evaluation
monitors the development and implementation of project/programme plans and activities in close consultation with counterparts.
• Deals with the design, preparation and implementation of workshops, seminars and other events on issues related to the project/programme’s area of activity
develops and organizes quality assurance measures and suggests necessary changes, improvements and initiatives.
• Monitors project progress and the activities of components, reviews reports and documents on the progress of joint programmes, identifies bottlenecks and recommends alternative management options to the programme manager.
• Is responsible for seeing that the services provided by the component are aligned with the partner’s needs

3. Networking and Cooperation:
• Ensures cooperation, regular contact and dialogue with partners; carries out PR work and cooperates with the ministry, municipal corporations, state governments, local communities, relevant organisations, non-governmental agencies, private sector and individuals in the project/programme environment and with other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships.
• Communicates local interests and efforts, forwards these and encourages sharing ideas and information for the benefit of the project/programme.
• Travels (abroad) and to the areas of work regularly, in accordance with project requirements

4. Knowledge Management:
• Compiles information on MOWI project CCPME project and ensures knowledge transfer develops ready-to-use strategies and technical concepts, including guidelines, manuals and procedures.
• Draws up reports and presentation documents.
• Formulates appropriate input for various project/programme reports including annual reports, and contributes to the other reports required by the programme manager and GIZ Head Office.
• Assists with research activities and studies on political issues which benefit joint programmes.

5. Coordination Tasks:

• Is responsible for project planning for the component and develops project concepts and strategies, ensures implementation.
• Uses GIZ’s Capacity Works to manage the component.
• Coordinates and prioritises relevant project activities at local level in cooperation with the partners, both as regards the organisational preparation and implementation of the activities.
• Manages and monitors the component budget in consultation with the officer responsible for the contract and cooperation.
• Compiles the relevant information for joint activities and assignments.
• in the absence of the programme manager, takes appropriate measures to secure operation of the programme

E. Required qualifications, Experience and Competencies:
• Masters/MSc in Environment Sciences, Environmental Engineering or doctorate in an area that is related to the project/programme objectives, with a focus on solid waste management and plastic waste management.
• Minimum of 10 years’ professional experience, with at least 5 years’ experience in a comparable position in the field of municipal solid waste/ plastic waste management sectors including managing teams.
• Work experience with Urban Local Bodies/ state urban development department is an asset.
• Work experience in bilateral or multilateral cooperation projects and with international agencies in India is an advantage.

F. Location: Delhi

G. Duration of the contract: Until 31st March 2023

H. Last date of receiving application: 23rd June 2021

Application without GIZ application form will not be considered

• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
• GIZ supports Work-Life Balance.
• GIZ promotes Gender Diversity – Applications from women professionals are encouraged.

Disclaimer: As per GIZ’s data confidentiality policy, candidate’s application is stored in our database for six months and is deleted thereafter.
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