Piramal Swasthya
State Lead – Tribal TB Initiative
Guwahati Assam
Application Email : hr.health@piramalswasthya.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 05 2021


Job Title: State Lead – Tribal TB Initiative – Assam and North East



Last Date to Apply

E-mail id to Apply 

05th Dec’21


Purpose of Job


To oversee all operations under the Tribal TB Initiative in the selected tribal districts within the state, to accelerate the reduction of mortality and morbidity from tuberculosis, provide technical, managerial and project management guidance to the team, strengthen the existing interventions within the states and districts, identify new interventions that can make an impact on the selected indicators, liaise with the various TB cells and forums for the fulfilment of the relevant objectives.


Key stakeholders



  • State and District TB Cells

  • State and District TB Forums

  • WHO State TB consultant

  • USAID partners

  • NGOs in the field of health/TB

  • Private hospitals

  • NTSU

  • THC

  • Momentum grant

  • Other departments of PSMRI- as and when needed


Reporting structure

Role directly reports to

Positions that report into this role

Program Officer NTSU

  • State Training Officer- Tribal TB Initiative

  • State Data Analyst – Tribal TB Initiative

  • Zonal Coordinators – 3 ( for Assam/ NE) Coordinators- Tribal TB Initiative

  • District Coordinators, Assam

Essential Qualifications

  • MBBS with MD/ DNB/ DCH/ – Community Medicine/ Medicine/ Pediatrics

  • MBBS with Master’s in Public Health

  • MBBS with Master’s in Business Administration

Essential Experience

  • At least five to seven years’ experience in operating public health programs especially RNTCP, NTEP

  • Understanding of Nikshay is preferable

  • Experience in a reputed international or a large non-governmental organization would be preferable

Essential Skills

  • Ability to working with teams

  • Coordinate with Government/ NGO/ CSOs and other stake holders

  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal

  • Technology/ Computer skills – Functional MS Office

  • Understands the importance of using processes in managing operations

  • Ability to design tools and identify best practices

  • Knowledge of the local language of the state is preferable.

Additional preference

  • Candidates from tribal communities will be given preference

  • TB survivors will be given preference

  • Women candidates will be given preference



  • Expertise – we strive for a deeper understanding of our domain

  • Innovation – we aspire to do things creatively


  • Entrepreneurship – we are empowered to act decisively and create value

  • Integrity – we are consistent in our thoughts, speech and action


  • Trusteeship – we protect the interests of our customers, community, employees, partners and shareholders

  • Humility – we aspire to be the best, yet strive to be humble

Key Roles/Responsibilities:

  1. Overall management and establishing full functionality of all the initiative and operations under the project in the selected tribal districts within the state of Assam and other North Eastern States

  2. Establish clear working relationship with key stakeholders, coordinate and liaison with the NTEP Personnel at the State level.

  3. Initiate activities for interdepartmental and intersectoral convergence with other departments for TB control.

  4. Formulate State/ District specific action Plan for elimination of TB.

  5. Identify ways and means to strengthen the existing NTEP interventions within the districts.

  6. Develop and implement new interventions that can make an impact on the selected indicators.

  7. Provide technical inputs to plan, implement, monitor and supervise the NTEP interventions in the Tribal populations.

  8. Direct, determine and Manage State Data Analyst, State Training Officer, Zonal Coordinators (Assam and North East) District Coordinators of the states, District Coordinators, Assam.

  9. Operate and support the State NTEP team and the national team of Tribal TB Initiative with the data intelligence.

  10. Validate, review and ensure quality of surveillance data with proper feedback to the respective departments.

  11. Conduct periodical visits to the respective districts for supportive supervision and report to the National team.

  12. Actively participate in State, Zonal, District level meetings with the NTEP officials, USAID partners and other agencies working in the field of TB.

  13. Facilitate and guide research work as per the requirement of the project

  14. Any other responsibility assigned as per the program need.

How to apply

Interested candidates can send resumes on hr.health@piramalswasthya.org. When submitting the application please put "Applying for State Lead North East - Tribal TB" in the subject line.


Last date to apply: 05th Dec’21