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Website Designing, Development and Maintenance



Terms of Reference (ToR) for an agency for website designing, development and maintenance.


About ILEP: International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP) is a consortium of international non-governmental organisations with a shared desire to see a world free from leprosy, and an acknowledgement that none of us can achieve this on our own. Through the programmes of its Member associations, ILEP spans more than 60 countries and 1,000 project locations worldwide. In India, ILEP has nine members namely AIFO India, American Leprosy Missions (ALM), Damien Foundation India Trust (DFIT), FAIRMED India, Fontilles India, GLRA India, Lepra Society, NLR India and The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI). NLR India is currently the coordinator of ILEP in India. ILEP India works in close collaboration with the government and different development partners.  


Scope of work


ILEP India intends to make leprosy and the mitigation actions of ILEP more visible for greater collaboration with different stakeholders. ILEP is committed to transparency to its beneficiaries, partners, and donors. For this purpose, a dedicated website will be developed to ensure information about the urgency of the disease, leprosy initiatives and programmes, facts and figures, updates and upgrades, etc. and in the process develop a support base for collaborative action towards elimination of leprosy. The website will provide information on the ILEP Member Agencies in India and the work being undertaken by them together and as individual agencies.  




The website shall be accessible through all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.), with no restrictions imposed on the type of browser used by the user and all kinds of devices (pc, tablet, mobile, etc.).


Structure and description of main navigation menus


The web application will be designed to be highly attractive and innovative, meanwhile having a simplified and user-friendly navigation menu. As part of the proposal, the potential candidates should provide options on layouts and design elements.


Key deliverables:


The terms of the present contract shall commence w.e.f. from the date of signature by both the parties.


The key deliverables are:

  • Detailed Plan with the timeline.

  • Web page concept design – by TBD

  • Web page developed – by TBD

  • Configuration of SHH certificate & domain name mapping

  • Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, content upload – by TBD

Web application quality

  • Reliability and availability -The application must be able to function continuously and conform to the specifications given in the agreed contract. The final product should be free of technical errors and accessible to users at all times.

  • Security – The established system must be secure in terms of the data it stores and processes.

No unauthorized person should be able to interfere in the database records. Also, all passwords must be encrypted. The user is allowed to change the password, in case it is forgotten, via an e-mail confirmation that is sent by the system.



The web application should be maintained until (TBD). Maintenance includes:

  • Checking on broken links/server maintenance issues

  • Managing files and links

  • Periodic checking and testing of all component modules of the website

  • Information renewal (up to TBD posts per year)

  • Uniform interface design for all modules

  • API’s integration for social media website (YouTube, Facebook &twitter)

  • Admin panel maintance for security patches

All the cost related to the website should be covered by the successful company up to the end of the maintenance period.


Requisite criteria for selection of Individual Consultant:

  • Be a reputable firm with at least 5 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly website; should submit links of past work samples with the application  

  • Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly WordPress

  • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including the use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Java

  • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking

  • Demonstrate the ability to create an innovative and visually appealing design

Period of consultancy and compensation


The consultancy shall be for a duration of one year from the date of signing the contract.


The compensation will be paid in mutually agreed tranches linked to the deliverables.


Payments shall be scheduled as follows:


20%    Upon submission and approval of work plan with a timeline.

30%    Upon submission and approval of the draft website

50%    Upon launch of the website.


Quotations are invited from interested agencies along with a description of their capacity and experience. The quotation should provide a break-up of the different costs.   


How to apply:


You are requested to apply at the earliest. NLR India will screen and entertain proposals on an ongoing basis starting from the date of advertisement, hence apply as soon as possible without waiting for the last date; the agency will be finalised as soon as we get the suitable proposal within our budget. Please send your proposals with a subject line ‘Website Designing, Development and Maintenance’ with a covering letter which explains your track record in website development that makes you eligible for this position, along with cost and payment terms to The last date of submission of applications is one month from the date of the advertisement notification.


No telephone queries and clarification will be responded to/ answered. Only shortlisted agencies will be contacted.

Thank you for your time! 

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