Water for People India
TOR - for Empanelment of HR Support Institutional / Individual Consultants
Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Application Email : hr-india@waterforpeople.org

Job Type

Full Time

Closing Date

Dec 02 2021


Terms of Reference for Empanelment of HR Support Institutional / Individual Consultants


1.                Background –


Water For People India is a non-profit organization which supports people of developing countries to improve their quality of life by promoting of locally sustainable drinking water, sanitation facilities and health and hygiene programs. We believe that access to safe water and adequate sanitation are basic human rights and can help put an end to needless suffering and mortality from water related preventable diseases.


Water For People India initiated its operations in West Bengal in 1996 in Nadia and North 24 Parganas districts. Consistent with the global vision and mission, we exist to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. Our organizational values are: accountability, courage, empowerment, partnership and transparency. Water For People India programs have been implemented in 28 districts in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Odisha and Assam.


In all, nearly 1.2 million people have been reached through community drinking water and sanitation, WASH in public institutions and market led approaches to sanitation. By 2023, Water For People India programs aim to directly benefit 2.7 million people. We aim to build capacities at the district level which will contribute to organizational commitments, thereby indirectly benefitting 14.8 million people. Water For People India implements programs through locally registered non- government organizations.


2.                Purpose of Consultancy - to support Water For People, India in various HR Interventions and HR operations.


3.                Key Tasks and Outputs expected from the empanelled institutional/individual consultant -


The technically selected HR agencies/Individual will be empanelled by WFPI

Category of activities to be performed –


Category A - HR Operations support

Support In HR Operations, organizing and digitizing personal file records.


Category B - Middle level Assignments -

selection, and recruitment process, Coordinating various OD events.


Category C – Senior level Assignments


Support in Training implementation and imparting, policy review, competency mapping, job description mapping, performing salary parity survey or any specialised technical support.


4.                The work of empanelled agency/ individuals will be guided by the following process –

5.                The process will be identical for all activities where agency/consultant is engaged.


Developing detailed plan of activity based on preference received by HR – WFPI

Submit to Deputy Director HR, the activity plan and agree on the timeline of activity. Developing mechanism for step wise achievement of the task.

Within 3 days of empanelment

20 % of payment on submission of activity plan.

Start of Activity, collection of required data/ information

Analysis of the data/ information and coordination with internal stakeholders

Within 7 days of empanelment

-                   No Payment at this stage

Submission of activity report to the HR

Review of work by HR

This will be based on timelines agreed between HR and individual/ institutional consultant


Next 20% of total payment on submission of activity report after completion of activity


Final submission of activity report to HR

Review and finalization by HR based on methodology used, data analysed, and outcome generated.

The final review will be based on agreed activity, its timeline and technical evaluation of the activities conducted.

60% payment of the activity.


Note – The empanelled HR Consultant/Agency will be required to submit separate work plan, activity report and methodology for each activity and timelines to be adhered strictly.


HR will closely review and discuss the work at every level. Th review will be mostly qualitative and on the timelines. There will be a penalty clause applicable in case of delay.


From Water For People, Deputy Director HR & Organization Development will be the assessor of the work performed, after her confirmation the activity will be considered as completed.


Once the HR agency/consultant is empanelled by WFPI,  they will prepare a detailed time-bound implementation work plan for implementation of the agreed tasks. Overall, progress on implementation of the agreed work plan will be based on the performance of the HR Agency/consultant. In addition, the HR Agency/consultant will prepare monthly/quarterly activity plans and share with WFPI.


 The HR Agency will comply with the recommendation made by WFPI and accordingly complete the assignment at no additional cost. The agency will report to Deputy Director HR & OD, or any person designated by Human Resource, WFPI.


The HR consultant/Agency will be engaged based on deliverable contract and list of activities will be provided as appropriate.


The consultant/Agency is required to submit a financial proposal containing a detailed service charge for the for senior level, and middle level assignments., described in the para 3 of the RFP.


Email id for submission – hr-india@waterforpeople.org


Last date for Submission – 02 December ,2021  

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