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Village Director
Chairman, President, CEO, Director, Project Director, Deputy Director
Bhubaneshwar Odisha
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Full Time

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Dec 23 2021


SOS Children’s Villages of India is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation working for the holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Founded in 1949 in Austria, SOS Children’s Villages began its operations in India in 1964. For over 50 years, we have reached out to over 25,000 children through our 32 SOS Children’s Villages and 32 community projects in India. SOS Children’s Villages of India was established in 1964 at Faridabad near Delhi. SOS India has worked with children, communities, disaster struck and disaster prone areas, giving hope to weary communities and families. SOS India is the largest operation within the SOS International Federation of 134 countries.

At SOS Children’s Villages of India, we are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect.

We are looking candidates for the position of Village Director

General information and identification of the job:

Name :

Designation/Rank: Village Director

Function: Integrated Child Care

Reporting to: Zonal Director

Position summary:

The Village Director leads the SOS Children’s Village. He/she coordinates all village activities and is responsible and accountable for the overall development of the SOS Children’s Village. The Village Director assures the quality of child care within the framework of the SOS family childcare model. He/she ensures the development of all village coworkers. He/she directly guides and supports each SOS mother to ensure the well being of the SOS families. The Village Director ensures that the individual needs and rights of children are addressed and respected. He/she ensures the implementation of the organization’s policies and guidelines, effective planning, evaluation, reporting and financial management. He supervises and guides the FSP work in the location. Ensures Statutory Compliances and is the face of the organization for the outside world.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Ensuring the overall management of the SOS Children’s Village: Prepare annual budget for the Village, seek approval and monitor operations of the program to ensure compliance to the budget. He/She coordinates the planning and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation processes for the SOS children’s villages. The village director accounts for the implementation of the organisation’s policies, manuals, standards and guidelines and implements administrative systems promoting the efficient and responsible use of financial resources and property. He/she presides over the village committee, child admission committee and Child Protection Committee, and cooperates closely with representative / coordinating functions. As legal representative of the organization, he ensures compliance with all legal requirements of the work.

2. Ensuring the overall development of children of the SOS Children’s Village: The Village Director ensures that the needs of children and youth are identified, respected, protected and addressed. . The village director builds positive relationships with children through day-to-day interactions. He interacts with children to support them in their development and to guide them to settlement as good and successful people. He is the legal guardian of the children. He is responsible for the children, to their biological roots and to the government machinery for child protection and to other legal bodies.

3. Guiding and supporting SOS Children’s Villages’ co-workers: The village director leads and supports all SOS Children's Village's staff in a strategic way according to SOS Children's Villages' policies and values and acknowledged and contextualised guidelines of leadership, management and human resource development. He/she delegates tasks with trust and gives co-workers the space to perform effectively. The village director creates an open working environment where village co-workers learn and question with confidence and strive for participation. The village director promotes strong links (communication, team work and the sharing of knowledge) between SOS families, youth care co-workers and other village co-workers. He/She coordinates the professional recruitment in consultation with the Zonal Director/Head-ICC/ Head-HR and careful orientation for all village and youth facility/youth programme co-workers, provides ongoing feedback, carries out performance appraisal discussions with every village co-worker, encourages co-workers to take responsibility for their own learning and development (according to the HR’s principles and guidelines) and ensures that they receive the support they need to fulfil their tasks. The village director manages routine personnel administration tasks, including management of personnel files and leave administration. He ensures compliance of co-workers to the service rules of the organization. He/She consults the Zonal Director/Head ICC/National Director on key staff issues.

4. Guiding and supporting SOS mothers and SOS families: The village director ensures that framework conditions for a high quality of child care within the SOS families are given. He/She supports the development of strong and long term family ties and ensures a secure and developmental environment for children. He visits SOS Families on regular basis. He is available, accessible and dependable to SOS Mothers as a guide and support in their responsibilities. He monitors services for SOS mothers, ensures secure environment for them and coordinates their professional development.

5. Guiding and supporting SOS Youth Care Co-workers: The village director ensures that framework conditions for a high quality of youth care within youth facilities/youth care programmes are given. He/She ensures that youth programmes offer career, learning and development opportunities for youths and maintains an overview of and interest in the needs and development of youths. He visits the youth facilities on a regular basis and supports youth care co-workers. The village director coordinates the professional development of youth care co-workers and ensures the required support and monitoring services for youth care co-workers.

6. Promoting strong and long-term partnerships with communities: The village director promotes and facilitates strong relationships and partnerships between SOS families, youths in youth facilities/youth care programmes, youth care co-workers and the community. He/She forges strong links with like-minded and complementary organisations and represents the organisation in local NGO networks and advocacy initiatives. The village director assures effective co-operation with the local media as per organization’s guidelines (so that the organisation’s aims and objectives are continuously promoted) and represents the organisation’s interests as well as child and youth care expertise (integrated approach) to the local authorities. He/She ensures appropriate accessibility of village facilities to the neighbouring communities and makes conscious efforts for integration of CV into the community

7. Contributing to the development of the National Association: The village director learns from other SOS Children’s Villages and shares his/her own experience. He/She participates actively in national planning and evaluation processes and actively contributes to the further development of the organisation's policies. The village director contributes to local and national child and youth care initiatives and contributes to national advocacy efforts where appropriate. He/She seeks recognition of the SOS family model. He/She helps fundraising staff understand how the SOS Children's Village assists children and families and provides background information, text and photo material, supports them to realise fundraising plans and familiarises village co-workers on the importance of fundraising.

Key Performance Indicators:

• Academic performance of children
• Quality of settlement of youth
• Satisfaction of mothers and coworkers
• Capacity utilization
• Timeliness and accuracy of information
• % deviation in budget vs actual expenditure
• Number of disciplinary & child abuse issues arising
• Adherence to admission policy

Contacts/Key Relationships:

Within SOS India:

National Director
Head ICC
Head Programs
Head HR
Head Finance
Zonal Director
All Head of Departments
All Functional Heads

Outside SOS India:
INGOs and NGOs

Working conditions
Posted in Children’s Village as a residential coworker. Travel as and when required.

Qualifications & Experience:

At least completion of high school; a degree in social sciences is highly recommended (management/leadership, HRM, educational sciences, psychology, social work etc.).

Leadership experience at a senior management/executive level, preferably within the NGO or public sector; minimum 8 years practical experience in one or more of the following functional areas: child and/or youth care, community development, human resource management, psychology, education.

Excellent communication skills (English and Hindi). Proficiency in 1-2 regional languages will be an advantage. Must have significant and proven human, writing, presentation and people management skills.

Execution orientation
Operational excellence
Relationship building
Passion to serve
Providing leadership
Change orientation
Strategic thinking

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